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Beyond Eternal 12th Anniversary

Yesterday, it’s Beyond Eternal’s 12th anniversary!

Yeah, it’s been that long since I started this website. At first, this website is where I post my collections of poetry and other things. And then, eventually, it became a collection of fan sites I owned. As I got busy with real life, I turned it back to my main blog and closed down site after site. The only one remaining is my pixel site, where I don’t think I’ll be closing anytime soon, although I kept on disappearing on it.

Anyway, thank you everyone for always dropping by every now and then.

Here’s a little giftie to commemorate this day. It’s for everyone to grab!

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A5 Weekly Inserts: Addams Family

I’ve always loved The Addams Family, who doesn’t? I made these weekly inserts for my DIY A5 planner that I used for work.

I made more of these, in different themes for each month, but my external hard drive broke and I lost all my files. I’ve only managed to recover this because it was in my blog’s draft for months. :(

I thought I would share them for everyone who’s interested.


Please click the images to download.

Have fun! :)



In a dim lighted room,
I sat alone thinking,
Remembering a story
Of someone’s past.

The cold evening air
Breezed down to me
While I was gazing at the
Nothingness through the night

I never regretted nor hesitated
That decision I had to call.
There are just nights when I simply
Can’t help but feel sad.


Fisher Box Office

Last week, I braved the storms, literally, to attend an event with friends at Fisher Mall. Fisher Mall is a mall in Quezon Ave., Quezon City. I got there via commuting riding a bus along EDSA, I went down at Muñoz Market and walked a bit to the corner (there’s a overpass there at the corner). There are a lot of jeepneys there going to Quiapo, I just rode one and said “Fisher Mall” to the driver. It’s a bit of a drive away, but you’ll see the mall right away when you get there.

To be honest, it was my first time going to Fisher Mall. I wasn’t expecting much at first, but Fisher Mall is great! It’s very clean, and is very well ventilated – the air condition is better than some malls out there, on which was totally unexpected.

The Fisher Box Office (or the best cinema in Metro Manila) is all the way up on the 4th Floor. You’ll notice it right away because the great smell of popcorn will lead you to it. Haha!

During the event, we learned about the newly launched Fisher Box Office Online Ticket Reservation and later that day, we had the privilege try out their new 3D cinemas. Read More →


Top 3 Essential Items That Should Be in Every Woman’s Closet

Top 3 Essential Items That Should Be in Every Woman’s Closet

Fashion is not so hard if you have some items that will help you to create more put together look easily. And without any efforts too! To achieve that, every girl should have at least a few essential items that can be mixed and matched together, and create a well-put look. Don’t know what I am talking about? Today I am going to share these 3 must-have wardrobes elements. It will complement your look and make you look stylish without any struggling at all!

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