Search Game: Pumpkin and Kuma-chan

This is really late, but I’ve added new items to find in the Search Game – a pumpkin and a missing Kuma-chan! If you found them, you’ll get prizes for each.

For the first 5 people who finds them, I’ll make special siggies as additional rewards for each of the items you find!  If you found them, please do either of the following:

  • Comment to this post. Please do not post the links where you found them in the comment box.
  • Email me.
  • If you’re a member of TSVP, leave a post in this thread.

Special siggie count: only 2/5 left (as of 2014.10.29)!

Good luck in finding them! :D

Productive Day

I’ve been taking a break from the pixel community for weeks now due to really busy schedules and my muse going on holiday. I didn’t feel like doing anything other than bumming at home and living my shut-in weekend life to recharge and de-stress. It’s been really toxic at work lately due to the peak season approaching.

Generally, when I’m tired or stressed, I don’t really feel like doing anything. Not even eating. I just sit and stare at the walls or ceiling or sleep or do anything that doesn’t really require too much physical nor mental effort, like reading manga or watching anime, movies or something else. I usually just shut myself in a room. Since I don’t have my own room because I only go home during weekends, I usually take over my older brother’s room.

But, you know, I’ve been really productive today. I filled out people’s buckets from the Treat or Trick event at LJ. But this doesn’t mean I’m not making them anymore for the others who’d post later than today. I just wanna make them early before things get too hectic again and I wont have time for them. So if you want gifts from me for this event, it’s not yet too late!

So, if you’re a member of:

Oh, and in case you’re interested in leaving me gifts too, this is my bucket.

I’ve also updated a lot of parts in this site. In particular, my sigtags and cyberstamp collections. I’ve also updated the Free Monthly Sigtag page. And since the monthly sigtag page was out for several months, if you send me a request, you’ll also get all the sigtags from the 4 months that my site was down. I’ve also added a few pages  in my collection site for those cuties I’ve collected from TSVP.

Greetings, Stranger!

If you are seeing this post, it meant that you now have been transported to another parallel dimension of my world.

It is unfortunate, however, that images are still vaguely missing from this world. Hopefully, what was once lost shall be recovered in due time.

TL;DR: New host! Missing images. Upload later. :D


As most of you probably already know, my website went down for four months. And just recently, my host told me that all my files are unrecoverable. I’m trying to recover whatever I have form my backups, so hold on tight!

Hello, Dry Season! Hello, Skin Asthma!

Ugh, I hate the weather. I really do hate the weather.

I live in a tropical country. We do not have “spring.” It’s just wet and dry season. Wet season is where the rain is and cool air and such. Dry season is heat, heat, heat, heat and more heat. And lately, the weather’s spiking up at 36°! It’s way too hot! And this is only the beginning. There’s an El Niño coming. I heard it will last until August. Somebody save me! D:

I can’t sleep well due to heat and my atopic dermatitis (skin asthma) keeps acting up. My entire body is itchy and full of rashes and small wounds from the dry/scaly skin, to the point that creams doesn’t seem to have an effect anymore. Luckily, it doesn’t occur much on my face, unless I went out and stayed under the sun for some time (like more than 15 minutes or something). But from my neck down, especially on my back, lower tummy and legs, are full of small wounds and scaly skin. :(

I’m trying to take less antihistamine because I’m getting immune to it. Sometimes, when flare ups are worse than normal, I needed to take more tablets. I don’t wanna reach that point where I needed to take a seriously large dosage of it to relieve myself. So, I’ve been fighting my flare ups by doing different things I read online. This may help you as a tip, in some ways, so I’m posting it.

To keep my flare ups at minimum, I do things such as:

  • using unscented bath soap (I use the unscented Dove soap)
  • using mild lotions often (I used Jergens Fragrance Free lotion and Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream – yes, the lotion for babies)
  • increasing liquid intakes (about 2-3 liters of water a day)
  • taking multivitamins (Clusivol) and vitamin c (generic ones from Generics Pharmacy x3, lol) everyday
  • avoiding eating too much foods that causes allergies like foods like eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, soya, fish, shellfishes (I still eat them, but not too often)
  • eating fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, etc. ( I love apples!)
  • exercise (I walk long distances to and from work, everyday!)
  • avoiding exposure to too much sunlight (according to my dermatologist when I caught some weird viral skin disease before, the best times to expose your skin to sunlight are from 6-9 am and anything beyond that is already harmful for the skin)
  • avoid dogs, cats, and furry animals
  • avoiding dirty places, places with too much heat and pollution, and places with a lot of people smoking

Other things that I do not do/doesn’t really concern me, but may be of help to you as well:

  • keeping stress at minimum (impossible when you’re working, but I try!)
  • eating omega-3 rich foods (I’m not sure how to go about on this)
  • quit smoking (I don’t smoke)
  • avoid drinking alcohol; occasional (grape) wine is okay (I don’t drink too because I’m also allergic to alcohol)
  • avoid spicy foods (I despise spicy foods! XD)

I found a few other tips online too that were shared by people with skin asthma or parents with children with skin asthma. I haven’t tried applying Glycerine that Camille suggested in this post, and I plan on trying it soon. But I’ve tried damping a hot towel with Lipton tea on myself (because I was once gifted by Lipton a lot of tea) by the suggestion of MYR on her post, and it works! You should seriously try the Lipton thing because teas (especially Oolong tea), I read somewhere, are great with skin asthma.

Liebster Award II

I got nominated again for Leibster Award! This time, by Natasja of You probably know since it’s been around the net for a really long time. And I’ve been visiting that site for a really long time too! XD

liebster-award-logo(Image credit.)

Anyway, since I already did this last year, I thought I would just answer the questions Natasja left:

  1. What made you want to start blogging?
    To be honest, I didn’t have a grand reason when I started blogging. I started blogging to kill boredom. I was a bored college student who was already keeping journals since grade school. I thought, why not make a Diaryland account? Yes, I started at Diaryland. Don’t judge! XD And eventually, I had one at Livejorunal too, like every cool kid does back in the day.
  2. What is your biggest dream?
    To open a gay bar someday. Like, seriously.
  3. If money were no object, what would you do all day?
    I’ll probably pursue learning music, art and other stuff.
  4. What is your favorite country or place to visit and why?
    I have none yet, but I wanted to visit Europe someday~ :3
  5. Oops, you’re stranded on an island (with plenty of water & food). What three things would you want with you?
    I actually don’t know. I’m not exactly a nature type of person, so… Probably a book to kill boredom, a lighter because I suck at making fire manually, and some kind of a smoke signal tool for when I wanted to go back. :P
  6. Name a movie and/or book that you recently watched/read and can highly recommend.
    A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. You gotta read this series, if you haven’t done so by now.
  7. What do you collect?
    Lots! Skulls, stamps (physical and cyberstamps), signature tags, pixel adoptions and such.
  8. What do you do to get “zen”?
    I go to a quiet place – like a coffee shop or a restaurant and stay there. Sometimes, I just stay in my room and stare in to the ceiling for hours.
  9. What is the wisest thing someone ever told you?
    “Do or do not, there is no try.” -Yoda.
    It applies to many situations. Like one time, I interpreted is as, “just do it.” And at times, I thought it as “Don’t do things halfhearted.”
  10. What song do you like to sing out loud?
    Evanescence – Whisper. I really love singing this song out loud.
  11. If you could learn something super fast (Matrix-style), what skill would you pick?
    Probably learning how to play Cello. It’s always been a dream. :D

That’s about it!

Thank you again to Natasja for nominating me~

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day, you guys!

may4thbewithyou(Image credit.  I removed the animation on the image, however,  because it irritated the heck out of me.)

And because today is Star Wars Day, I’m offering a free siggie for you guys! This offer will only be here for a short while, I’ll probably remove it in a day or two. I decided to keep this offer for the entire month.

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Invenio Summer Edition


Crysella Records releases Invenio Summer Edition, a new CD compilation of their bands, and they’re giving out 5000 free copies! You’ll only have to pay for the shipping fee! Shipping cost only €5.00. Availability and deliveries will start on April 18th 2014.

Quick link to the event/order page here!
Take a peek at the actual CD cover here!

Copy and paste CD compilation details and list of tracks:

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Tales of Xillia & Symphonia

I’ve been spending my lazy weekends playing again. I haven’t been playing in a while. The last game I played was DMC: Devil May Cry that I played a few weeks after it went out on the market, but I never ended up finishing because I got bored with it. Yes, I haven’t been playing anything after that. I did think about playing Final Fantasy XIII after that, but decided against it because my siblings were all playing it and they have this huge tendency to spoil the story. XD


Well, anyway, my older brother got me Tales of Xillia first. (I’m still waiting for him to get me the part 2. Heh.) I finished it within a week, and played it again for the other side quests I failed to take and other stuff that I wanted to actually collect. I got tired collecting after I ended up acquiring all the Devils Arms and finishing Magnus Zero, and collecting most of Aifread’s Junks Treasures. This game has too many side quests that made the real story a bit meh. Magnus Zero was also a bit anti-climatic. Or perhaps only at least, in my opinion. However, I love the game play, especially the different combos. And Gaius is so damn cool I wish he were the main character or at least a controllable character! XD


And recently, my brother got me Tales of Symphonia (also the part 2), which I am playing right now. (I actually love the Tales Series and finishing all of them is a part of my lifetime goals. Like, seriously.) I like the story line better than Tales of Xillia. The game play is the same as the other Tales Series, but I like Tales of Xillia’s combos better. Currently, I’m at the second disc. I’m not really sure how far I am from the ending, but I’m planning on playing all day on the weekends to be able to finish it so that I can start the second part soon. :P

Baby Luthien’s Christening!

I was first a fairy godmother of a queen from Game of Thrones (Daenerys). Now, I’m a fairy godmother of another legendary figure, Luthien, from Lord of the Rings.

Baby Luthien was Christened yesterday, in a land far far away. She has the cutest invitation.

And the cutest reception.

I’m probably the lamest fairy godmother she has for I fail at almost everything, but I give her the gift of cuteness (though she’s already cute), and hopefully, patience and tolerance, when she grows up. I hope she didn’t catch my ability of get lost easily.

And I got loots, too, after.

Congratulations to the Ang Couple for this happy day! ?