Baby Luthien’s Christening!

I was first a fairy godmother of a queen from Game of Thrones (Daenerys). Now, I’m a fairy godmother of another legendary figure, Luthien, from Lord of the Rings.

Baby Luthien was Christened yesterday, in a land far far away. She has the cutest invitation.

And the cutest reception.

I’m probably the lamest fairy godmother she has for I fail at almost everything, but I give her the gift of cuteness (though she’s already cute), and hopefully, patience and tolerance, when she grows up. I hope she didn’t catch my ability of get lost easily.

And I got loots, too, after.

Congratulations to the Ang Couple for this happy day! ♥

Beyond Eternal’s Finally Back!

Beyond Eternal has been out for more than a month, and now it’s back! Hopefully, it wont go down again sometime soon. Hopefully.

I had hosting and then, later on, DNS problems for a while. I’ll skip the details of it, so anyway, I’m back.

I was at my Blogger blog while my domain was down for a month, some of you probably already know this. And yes, the blog still changes its name every once in a while. XD

Here are the recaps from the past month and so:

Feb 26th – After Beyond Eternal went down, I moved my collections to my bat cave, It’s a website I use for temporary projects and such.

March 9th – I joined LJ’s Easter Basket eventIt’s an LJ community of gift giving to friends or random people who also joined the same community. My Easter basket is here, if you wish to send me gifts for easter.

March 11 – I started a Free Monthly Siggie where you can request a different sigtag (or blinkie) from me each month.

March 12 – I filled other people’s Easter Baskets.

March 20 – And then, Mana-sama’s birthday came.

March 21 – As well as my 3rd year in the company.

March 25 – And then, my own birthday came. I’m 29th this year.

March 26 – Because I wanted to do something special for my birthday this year, I gave away my tumblr account to Mako, she was thrilled to have, of which I loved so much myself.

March 28 – That same week, I started packing up my stuff and moved out of my old apartment. I haven’t had a moving out post yet, except that one short post I did.

April 1 – I skipped the April Fool’s Joke this year because I’m not in any mood for it. On the other hand, I’m got accepted as a maker at Gothiic Charm. It’s a graphic community in LJ that centers around gothic and dark graphics. Graphics are mostly sigtags, icons and blinkies. I’ve been a member for a while and I love it there.

April 2 – I’ve put up April’s Free Siggie.

As of current, I’m updating the old pages that were supposed to be updated while the site was down. I’ll probably get it done in a day or two.

Hearts Day 2014!

I’ve been super busy at work and didn’t have time to blog about stupid things, like I usually do. Even my random blog, is being neglected. To be honest, I’m having a lot of things on my life right now that I’m starting to refuse to talk and think about. I’ve been keeping myself busy with random things like watching several animes and movies, one after the other; and collecting cyberstamps and sig tags. I’ve also been trying out tubing pixels lately to keep my mind of a lot of load that has been hanging around my mind. It’s not that I do not want to face the problem, it’s more like, I’m tired of it and wanted some peace and quiet or at least, break away from it for a while. My patience is growing shorter and I try to keep away from people who has too much drama in their lives to keep myself from unwanted Freudian slips that might end up hurting people without my intention.

Well! Taking that aside, here’s a little giftie for you guys for Valentine’s Day!

You may click image giftie to get it. If you wanted your name on them, like I did to my affiliates and friends, please send me an email to request it.

(Credits: Vanilla Patch BCH)

If you notice, the bears appear gender-less. This is because I’m a supporter of LGBT and that I think, gender doesn’t really matter all that much in a relationship.

This multipurpose giftie was designed to serve as a stamp, a double quilt and a giftie simply because I’m too lazy to create separate gifties. XD

While I’m at it, I would like to promote my stamps, in case anyone of you would like to collect them. There’s a new set for Limited Edition Stamps as well.

New Year Gifts: Take 2!

Ugh. I messed up my new year gifts. I accidentally written “2013″ on them. D:

So, this is the correct one, please pick it up again!


For both the the gift and stamp (including the Christmas 2013 ones), I can add your name, if you prefer it with your name on them. Just send me an email about it.

I’ll blog something worth while, in a later date.

Treasure Chest

Happy new year, everyone!

I had a New Year’s Resolution of sleeping early, but I broke it as fast as the second day. So I’m trashing the idea, and stick by my usual motto that New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken. Haha!

On a good side, I’ve finally finished revamping a sub-section of the site. It’s where all those silly things I collect through the years like stamps, blinkies, quilt squares and other adoptions. It’s more organized now than before, in my opinion. Instead of having an individual sub-site for each of these collections, I’ve decided to merged them all to one collection site. Thus, Treasure Chest. It’s a temporary name though, until I think of a better one. Or I might keep it if I find a piratey web theme or some sort.

Oh, and I need to mention this: last year, I found a site with TCG like way of collecting stamps. It’s called Cyberstamps. These stamps, however, are mostly offered in German sites so it’s pretty tedious to collect them if you can’t understand German. But they are fun and addicting either way. I thought I make new stamps like them, but I’m kinda lazy to. So for now, until I stopped being lazy, I might interest you with viewing my collections of Cyberstamps so far. :D


Oh, and in case you haven’t done so, you can grab my New Year’s gift from the previous post.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

Here are my gifts for this holiday! As usual, click to take.

I also made holiday stamps for those of you who collects them!


After this post, I’ll probably go back to my MIA state. This is because I went bac to our new house for the long holidays and our new house is in the middle of a twilight zone where any sort of communications are hardly possible. XD

May everyone be happy and healthy this year! :D

Edit: Added the gifts I got to the Gifts page: 2008-2013. :D

Script and Other Updates

I’ve updated quite a bit from this site. I’ve removed a lot of stuff from the Guest section – premade layouts and other graphics. I thought that I wouldn’t need them anymore since there are tons of sites around where you could get them from now.

I’ve added new reward images for Site Hits and changed the Find the Chibi. This time, you’re to find Memphis the Mermaid. Regarding the Mind Games that’s been down for a while, I’ll need a bit more time to re-code them.

Speaking of re-coding, I’ve finally updated the Guestbook. I’ve been having that ereg error all around this site due to the PHP 5.3.0 update on the server. I’ve re-coded and updated the guestbook and tagboard scripts (they’re mostly the same anyway) and other errors related to it especially since I didn’t notice that there was an error since I moved it around.

While at it, I’ve also updated the gift image in the guestbook. As most of you might’ve already known, if you sign my guestbook, you get an email from me with an image gift in it. It’s that gift image I was referring to. Please note that this is only when you sign the guestbook. If you posted in my tagboard, however, you don’t get the same image gift. I’m thinking of adding a different image gift for the tagboard, too. Probably later.

That’s about all for the site updates for how long has it been?

Oh and I’ve added a few more affiliates and link exchange, please visit them as well!

Beyond Eternal 10th Anniversary!

It’s Beyond Eternal’s 10th anniversary! Yay! \o/

(I’ll make a decent anniversary image gift later.)

Edited 2013.11.19 15.03:
Click and take the gift! It’s hosted in my Picasa, so yes, you can link to it directly. :D


Actually, it was the other day (November 15th).  I was so busy at work that I totally forgot about it. I just remembered now, because I was trying to update my blinkies collection. (^_^;)

Leave me some love, guys! ❤

And! Here are the obligatory fan signs! :D

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New Subkulture Website

So, the new Subkulture website is finally up! You can go and register (or re-register, for old members) now.


For those who doesn’t know, Subkulture is a community/organization for Philippine’s local goth, post punk, death rock, wave, metal, etc. Up until it branched out internationally, years ago. Subkulture is mostly known as the perpetrator for the annual Gothic ball, Eternal Death Wake, that’s always being celebrated at Hallow’s Eve.

Last year, Subculture also released a Goth magazine of the same name. Currently, it’s on the second issue.

If you’re on Subkultre, add me! :)

Ghost In the Shell: Arise

If there’s one animgits_arisee series I’ve been so crazy about since my childhood, it would be Ghost In the Shell. It was the first anime I’ve ever watched, and I will continue to be crazy about it until I get granny old. So when I heard that there’s a new GITS series, I couldn’t contain my excitement to get my hands on the copy. When I finally got a copy of Ghost In the Shell: Arise, as usual, I patiently waited for everyone at home to be asleep before watching.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise will be a 4-part series of OVA. As of this typing,  I’ve only seen the first of the quadrilogy, called “Ghost Pain.” The time frame of Ghost Pain happened before Kusanagi Motoko was recruited into Public Security Section 9. Being her usual self as a super hacker, Kusanagi got herself voluntarily involved in a case regarding her ex-superior. I think she was trying to prove his innocence. Along the way, she ended up getting hired by Aramaki as a hacker. Batou and Togusa were also into different cases with their own and somehow ended up arriving with the same conclusion that their cases were somehow related.

I think Kusanagi was way hotter in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex but let’s leave it at that. You would find a younger Kusanagi who is less experienced and less mature as the other series. A little too hot headed too, in my opinion, but I kinda like this side of Kusanagi. I can’t wait to watch the remaining 3 other more OVA! :D