Yaoi Expo

So. There’s finally been an official announcement for Yaoi Expo next year. It will be held, at the Bayanihan Center, Metro Manila on March  17, 2018.

Yaoi Expo is the successor of the previous yaoi convention – Lights Out and, after that, BlushCon.

Originally, Yaoi Expo was supposed to be held at Elements, ETON Centris, as previously announced. However, ETON Centris is to undergo a compulsory reconstruction resulting to the cancellation of the original venue. Thus, it has been moved to Bayanihan Center, Metro Manila.

Tickets sales will be done with two options – Event Brite 🤓 and Google Form.

Available tickets are at their usual rate:
Ticket Tier G – General Service – PHP 250.00 – admission only
Ticket Tier PG – Softcore – PHP 500.00 – admission + Ikemen Cafe
Ticket Tier SPG – Hardcore –  PHP 1,000.00 – admission + Ikemen Cafe + meet and greet with special guests

I’ll probably get the Hardcore, depending on who the special guests are. There will be 2. They will reveal them soon. I have this inkling that they are someone from the Yuri On Ice fandom~ 😍

On previous yaoi conventions, there are strict policies such as only taking photos for personal use and not allowing these photos to be posted in public. These rules have yet to be announced, but I think they’ll be around the same as it was. So by now, most yaoi fans are used to them since this has been the nth yaoi con.


🤓 I was very surprised with the Event Brite option!

I’m not married to Event Brite, but I would really recommend this option to other organizers of events since it’s very convenient.

I haven’t handled major events like a Yaoi Con (and have no plans to in the future, btw), but I’ve helped out in handling small events here and there. And to be honest, handling events are very tedious and not to mention, tiring. (So at the end of the day, we all have to thank all our event organizers for all their hard work. 🙇) And as most of us probably know, the Google Form works, but are done usually done very manually. And now comes, the Event Brite option!

For those who doesn’t know, Event Brite is a self-service ticketing platform you can use to handle all your ticketing problems, when doing events. You get to have your own event page where you can give out the link to, and the best part of it is that it has a payment option where all you have to do is link your Paypal merchant account to the Event Brite event page. Easy peasy! The payment option is run by Paypal. This means that you can receive payment using several options such as your Paypal funds, major banks and/or credit cards.

After you do an online event registration on Event Brite, you can also look for similar events or events around the area using Event Brite and there are other event planning tools too to help you promote and stuff.


My Dad

My Dad

I was supposed to post something about Mother’s Day last month, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. So to make it up for it, I thought I’d write something for Father’s Day for a change.

Around these times, when my dad was alive, I used to think very hard of what to give to him. Although unlike my mom, he’s not very picky and that he mostly appreciates the small things, he’s also the type that wants very few things so it’s really hard to think about what to give him. Back in those days, I would usually resort to Father’s Day gifts suggestions (visit this website) from gift stores, and ended up just buying whatever my money could afford at the time.

If I couldn’t find anything interesting, I would always end up in giving him pens because he loves collecting them. He even gave me my first fountain pens and taught me how to use them.

Like the typical Chinese dads, mine looks strict and doesn’t talk much. But he’s not, really. He loves joking around and is usually very talkative too. We’re very similar in regards to attitude, temperament, and even sickness (Atopic Dermatitis).

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get his talent for cooking. He’s cooking is superb! Although, like me, he also loves pizza (who doesn’t, anyway?), barbecue, dimsum and tea!

However, unlike me who prefers to stay at home and lie around the couch all day, he loves going to different places, trying out different foods and traveling. My brothers probably got this from him.

He also used to own a gift shop that sells just about all kinds of interesting things. I help out around his shop after school and during vacations. So it is very interesting for me to find a gift store online called Gifts Less Ordinary that sells similar things he does at his shop. The only difference is that it’s online, where you don’t have to go to the physical store to browse for things, and it’s easier to purchase things because we can do this even at the convenience of our homes or office. You might want to check them out, too!

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo @ Pexels.



Hey, can you tell me.
Where do I go to from here?
My path, it’s a blur.


CareerCon 2017

I’ve been job hunting recently. While looking around, I couldn’t help but to have a few flash backs from when I was a fresh graduate. This was around 10 years ago. Even back then, looking for a job was really hard. Months pass by me without a job. I was running around the place, dropping resumes from one company to another, taking exams, attending interviews. And it took me about 7 months before I finally landed a job.

On the months without a job, I was helpless, stressed, and confused. I was unsure of a lot of things. There were several times when I seriously ask myself things like, “Am I even on the right path?” or “Is this really the right job for me?”

So, I wanted to share a workshop called CareerCon 2017 to all the lost souls contemplating on their career paths like I did. This workshop is by Team Aguhon and aims to help and train students on their career paths.

Looking for a job right now is extremely hard. A lot of weight will be lifted from your worrying shoulders if you know what to take and how to proceed. I hope I would be able to help people by sharing this workshop.

Good luck to you guys out there too! 🙂



Recently, I’ve registered for Mastodon. I got intrigued about it when a friend, Karen, mentioned about it.

For those who are not aware, Mastodon is the new social networking site that rocked the Internet for these past half month. But what’s different about Mastodon is that Mastodon is open-source. It means that the code is available for everyone to use, and people can make their own Mastodon servers as alternative platforms, which are called “instances.”

Like Twitter, you can post statuses/messages and pictures in Mastodon. But instead of 140, Mastodon’s character limit is 500. And a feature that I love most, the “CW” or Content Warning, for spoilers, NSFWs and stuff.

Another great thing I found interesting about Mastodon is that you can interact with people even when they’re from different servers. There’s a “Local timeline” where you can find the toots (or posts) of people in the same server as you, and a “Federated timeline” where you can see toots from across all of the Mastodon instances.

If you’re tired of spammers, troll, and bullshit from Twitter, you might wanna try being on Mastodon.

Though I’m mostly a lurker, my Mastodon handle name is @euri@darksocial.party, if you’re looking for me. I hang out here often because Twitter is blocked from the office and people on Mastodon are the most interesting bunch.

If you’re on Mastodon too, send me a toot!

PS: The Mastodon mascot is super cute! 😍