New Work

This is my second week at my new company. I haven’t really even started working for real yet, but somehow, I’m already getting depressed about several things. In general though, everything’s cool and fun. I love the people. My team especially. There are just some little things that makes me depressed. Perhaps I just needed to adjust a bit more. That and I needed a little more peace of mind and some kind of spiritual mojo to get the vibe right.

Work will probably start soon, too, when our boss gets back from his vacation. I can’t wait to start my actual work. I hope I could manage to live up to people’s expectations of me, work-wise. It’s a department I felt I wasn’t able to meet, or at least I thought so, in my previous job.

Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Here’s a little giftie for you to take. Please click the image and save them to your own server.

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Pixel Awards

Recently, I received new awards from pixel sites. I haven’t received any web/online awards in a while. These were also my first pixel awards, and the awards themselves are so cute! X3

They were the Easter and Spring awards from Pixel Awards.

Thank you to Sicara for these. And also dear Inger for nominating me.

And then, I also got a site of the month award for April from Tanya. And I’ve also snagged this below, from Tanya also.

I’ve added these cuties on my awards page and also my new awards page on my gallery, where I will display any pixel awards I would be receiving in the future.


I resigned from work today. It’s not something that came on a whim. I’ve seriously thought about it for days. I thought about it even before I went to have an exam and interview for the new company I’ve applied for. It was a decision that’s really hard for me to make.

I considered a lot of things. For one, all my friends are in the Metro and this would leave me having totally no friends to hang out with at all. Although, I thought that I could do with this set up since I don’t particularly hang out with them always. Secondly, Pampanga has this slow-paced laid back atmosphere that it makes for a really cozy place to live. And this coziness is what makes me afraid that I might get too comfortable that I would just drift around and lazy up on things.

On the bright side of it though, I get to be with my family and I’ll be able to make ends meet financially, somehow, if I moved back. And I’ve been wanting “change” in a really spontaneous way. So I guess this is it.

So in the end, I decided to moved back. And I’m seriously being hopeful with this decision.


It’s my 30th birthday today (ugh, it’s now yesterday). And to be honest, I didn’t really feel like all panicky and stuff unlike some people I knew who went all nuts when they reached 30 and questioned themselves of how far have their accomplishments had gone. I’m a simple person who have simple desires and wants simple things, so I don’t usually make a mountain of a mole hill when achievements are on the plate of conversation. That and the fact that I’m struggling a bit, so I wanted to focus first at what I have at hand than worrying about other things.

I’m trying to keep a really positive vibe this year. Because good vibes brings good fortunes.

So if you’re reading this post, because it’s my birthday today, smile. :)