Pixel Awards

Recently, I received new awards from pixel sites. I haven’t received any web/online awards in a while. These were also my first pixel awards, and the awards themselves are so cute! X3

They were the Easter and Spring awards from Pixel Awards.

Thank you to Sicara for these. And also dear Inger for nominating me.

And then, I also got a site of the month award for April from Tanya. And I’ve also snagged this below, from Tanya also.

I’ve added these cuties on my awards page and also my new awards page on my gallery, where I will display any pixel awards I would be receiving in the future.


I resigned from work today. It’s not something that came on a whim. I’ve seriously thought about it for days. I thought about it even before I went to have an exam and interview for the new company I’ve applied for. It was a decision that’s really hard for me to make.

I considered a lot of things. For one, all my friends are in the Metro and this would leave me having totally no friends to hang out with at all. Although, I thought that I could do with this set up since I don’t particularly hang out with them always. Secondly, Pampanga has this slow-paced laid back atmosphere that it makes for a really cozy place to live. And this coziness is what makes me afraid that I might get too comfortable that I would just drift around and lazy up on things.

On the bright side of it though, I get to be with my family and I’ll be able to make ends meet financially, somehow, if I moved back. And I’ve been wanting “change” in a really spontaneous way. So I guess this is it.

So in the end, I decided to moved back. And I’m seriously being hopeful with this decision.


It’s my 30th birthday today (ugh, it’s now yesterday). And to be honest, I didn’t really feel like all panicky and stuff unlike some people I knew who went all nuts when they reached 30 and questioned themselves of how far have their accomplishments had gone. I’m a simple person who have simple desires and wants simple things, so I don’t usually make a mountain of a mole hill when achievements are on the plate of conversation. That and the fact that I’m struggling a bit, so I wanted to focus first at what I have at hand than worrying about other things.

I’m trying to keep a really positive vibe this year. Because good vibes brings good fortunes.

So if you’re reading this post, because it’s my birthday today, smile. :)


Last Saturday, I attended a wedding. Long story short, due to circumstances, I didn’t have enough time to buy a dress. So, I opted to just borrow one from a friend.

So as not to repeat this past mistake, I thought I’d browse around for dresses that I may be able to wear for future events. So in case I would need one, I’d know where to find one. Or at least, I have an idea of what to look for. Just for future references.

I was looking around several online clothing shops for dresses, I have a few criteria in mind of what I would want to look for.. The first is that the dress should be as plain or basic as possible. Second is that it can be worn casually and also formally. And the third one is that it would look comfortable to wear even in this scorching hot weather.

Finally, after a few hours, I found a few of the dresses from Shop This Easy and ZALORA that I would want to wear and I would like to share it to you in case you might be interested in them too.

The dresses from Shop This Easy look like the type of dresses you’d see in a Korean drama series. They have a small collection of dresses, but these were my favorites from their collection.

Unfortunately though, the first one is sold out.

Since I’m often mistaken as a Korean, I think these dresses would fit me. Korean drama series are big in this this country, so if your peg is to look like a Korean celebrity, these are it. And they’re cheap too. Prices range from PHP 400-1,000. Cheap, right?

Next, you should check out the casual dress collection at ZALORA. They have the prettiest basics. Here are 2 of my favorites. :D

I especially love the colors of these dresses above. They look simple, elegant and the dress seems flowy. I could definitely wear these in weddings or other formal events. There are other that caught my eyes, but these 2 are on the top of my list. The best part of it all is that they actually have XS size! I’m petite, so it’s really hard to look for clothes with an XS size in this country. Adult clothes are mostly huge and teen/children’s clothes are too small. Price range are around PHP 900-2,000. Not bad, eh?

Welcome, Spring!

Technically, Spring does not exist in my country. But really who cares, right?

I’ve changed my Gallery‘s layout to something Spring.

I’m happy on how it turned out. Especially the header. This is my first header image in years. Yes, YEARS.

If you notice my other seasonal sites and other collection sites, they all don’t have headers. I did code them to have placeholders for headers, but they’re hidden because I don’t really have anything to put on there.

Aside from the header image, everything else were pre-made – backgrounds, and some images.

My Spring Site is also up, but half done. I haven’t organized the other pages, but the main parts are all done. There’s nothing interesting in it though. I don’t make puzzle games like others do anymore because they’re tedious to make and I’m a lazy ass. My sub-sites are more on the part that holds my collections rather than it being interactive for guests. Although I do have a bit of things to offer on them. Please visit my Spring Site, if you have time to spare! :D