Last Saturday, I attended a wedding. Long story short, due to circumstances, I didn’t have enough time to buy a dress. So, I opted to just borrow one from a friend.

So as not to repeat this past mistake, I thought I’d browse around for dresses that I may be able to wear for future events. So in case I would need one, I’d know where to find one. Or at least, I have an idea of what to look for. Just for future references.

I was looking around several online clothing shops for dresses, I have a few criteria in mind of what I would want to look for.. The first is that the dress should be as plain or basic as possible. Second is that it can be worn casually and also formally. And the third one is that it would look comfortable to wear even in this scorching hot weather.

Finally, after a few hours, I found a few of the dresses from Shop This Easy and ZALORA that I would want to wear and I would like to share it to you in case you might be interested in them too.

The dresses from Shop This Easy look like the type of dresses you’d see in a Korean drama series. They have a small collection of dresses, but these were my favorites from their collection.

Unfortunately though, the first one is sold out.

Since I’m often mistaken as a Korean, I think these dresses would fit me. Korean drama series are big in this this country, so if your peg is to look like a Korean celebrity, these are it. And they’re cheap too. Prices range from PHP 400-1,000. Cheap, right?

Next, you should check out the casual dress collection at ZALORA. They have the prettiest basics. Here are 2 of my favorites. :D

I especially love the colors of these dresses above. They look simple, elegant and the dress seems flowy. I could definitely wear these in weddings or other formal events. There are other that caught my eyes, but these 2 are on the top of my list. The best part of it all is that they actually have XS size! I’m petite, so it’s really hard to look for clothes with an XS size in this country. Adult clothes are mostly huge and teen/children’s clothes are too small. Price range are around PHP 900-2,000. Not bad, eh?

Welcome, Spring!

Technically, Spring does not exist in my country. But really who cares, right?

I’ve changed my Gallery‘s layout to something Spring.

I’m happy on how it turned out. Especially the header. This is my first header image in years. Yes, YEARS.

If you notice my other seasonal sites and other collection sites, they all don’t have headers. I did code them to have placeholders for headers, but they’re hidden because I don’t really have anything to put on there.

Aside from the header image, everything else were pre-made – backgrounds, and some images.

My Spring Site is also up, but half done. I haven’t organized the other pages, but the main parts are all done. There’s nothing interesting in it though. I don’t make puzzle games like others do anymore because they’re tedious to make and I’m a lazy ass. My sub-sites are more on the part that holds my collections rather than it being interactive for guests. Although I do have a bit of things to offer on them. Please visit my Spring Site, if you have time to spare! :D

FLASH POST: Over the L’Arc~en~Ciel Manila Tickets FREE!

TL;DR: Over the L’Arc~en~Ciel Manila Tickets (2) FREE! Email me. Now. Gone.

Long version:

Everyone probably already knows about Over the L’Arc~en~Ciel Manila happening this Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at SM North EDSA Cinema 2 at 2PM . If not, go here.

(image credit: magnetic-rose.net)

So I won a I have a pair of tickets of the said screening. But I can’t go because I have a wedding to attend to on the same day, at the exact same time.

So, if you’re reading this and wants the tickets (2), please email me. First person to PM me, gets the them. Gone.

Moments of Nil

My long time friend, Flora Tavu, who I dearly call Hana (her nickname), recently published her first book titled Moments of Nil.

Moments of Nil is a collection of short stories and poems that she wrote for 10 years. The book is published under Partridge Singapore. You can purchase the book via Amazon (link here) or few selected bookstores.

Hana is a friend I met online. She used to live in the Philippines, but eventually moved to Brunei. In our younger years in the Internet (college days, I think), we used to write short stories and poems together, and blogged a lot. I still write poems now, too. But I don’t write short stories like her anymore. I never ended up finishing my Let It Rain series. Anyway, I remembered when she used to ask me about book publishing years ago and I was sort of helping her find a publisher, but I was no help. I was really surprised when she told me months ago that she’s going to have a book published. So, in support, I’d like to announce it to everyone too, in case I get someone to be interested to her book.

Back in the day, I read some of her poems at her old poetry website. I’m assuming those were the ones she got published. They’re were pretty good, in my opinion. There are some poems that I really liked and there are those where I could relate to.

I haven’t bought the book myself, but if you love reading short stories from Wattpad, you’ll probably love her works too.

Happy Valentines 2015!


As usual, please click the image above to save it and link it back to me.

Some of you guys might not have known, but I do have a Valentine site up this year. Please visit it when you’ve got time to spare. I’ve got a few goodies up there for you. At first, I was thinking that I would not continue with having a Valentine site up because other pixel sites no longer does them, except a few. But I decided to keep it because it’s where I put all my game prizes and gifts, etc.

And while I’m at it, I would like to also announce that my gallery is finally up. It’s been down for a few months, and was moved around because I was organizing it. In a few weeks after this, I will retire and take down some graphics that I no longer wanted to keep. I don’t think anyone ever wants them still, anyway. But just in case someone does, I’ll probably create another sub-site, a page, or perhaps just a post for all my retired graphics at a later date.