I despise you Silence.
Know why?
Because you keep on reminding me
Of the things I wanted to forget.
His touch, his sent,
His smile, his glance.

I wanted to forget him so bad.
I wanted to stop myself from shedding tears again.
I wanted to stop myself from calling out his name.
I wanted to leave it all behind me.
As I keep on denying myself
How I need him so badly.

Whenever you’re around,
I always hear only my teardrop falling.
Whenever you’re near,
You keep whispering his words –
Those that made my heart beat fast
And those that made it sad and cry.

Even in my dreams as I sleep
You still whisper his name to my ear.
You keep repeating what he did –
How he made my world so bright
And also took with him that light.
As I again weep here in this dark room
Without anyone but you alone.


I’m an Atheist

I’m now a self-declared Atheist or so, I just lost the faith.

I know that this might be a great factor that I could never have him back. But this time, I wanted to be true to myself and what I believe. Until I could cope up with things, I will stop from blogging.



It’s been a while since my last post. I was alive and very much in love. Until today, my life seems to shatter to pieces…


Sorrowful Heart

It started out when I saw you.
And when we met, then I knew
We would be good friends.
We share the same taste in trends,
And had a lot of things in common.
We became close, from then on.

Little by little, I found these eyes
Wet with tears not knowing why.
I wondered how could this heart cold as ice,
Melted as I break down and cry.
Then I think of what I use to do,
And found that I fell for you.

Whenever you utter her name,
I keep silent while this heart is aching.
If I could fight Love’s little game,
Perhaps this heart would stop its bleeding.

Hoping for this heart’s tears
Would dry up, as it slowly heals
And everything would end
As this sorrowful heart would once again stand.



As I wake up one morning,
Here I am, endlessly drifting.
Not even a glimpse of light,
Nor anyone in sight.

I cried out loud to anyone
Who could hear my voice.
How sad, it seemed like no one
Even heard a whisper through the noise.

I always felt frightened,
Whenever I asked myself, what happened?
I couldn’t even try,
To break myself down and cry.

What filled my heart was deep sadness,
Wanting someone to fill this emptiness.
Wanting someone to reach out a hand,
And bring me to an unknown land.

A place what my heart desires,
Full of smiles in each person eyes.
Sweet melodies that they would sing,
As they joined hands to form a ring.

How I longed for that light,
To free me from an endless war inside,
That kept me forever tied,
To a place called “Twilight”.