Beyond Eternal

Let us look forward to a future with boundless possibilities!



The view from a man-made beach in Poracay, Pampanga. We went here for a 2-day getaway with my team mates from work. It’s a load of fun, and the place is beautiful!

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Craft N’ Create

I ordered a bunch of inserts for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport size. I hoarded these for the start of the year.


Rose Nail Art

Apparently, my front-door neighbor is a professional nail artist. She even conducts seminars and teaches nail arts. She made my nails for a friend’s wedding.

Congratulations to my friends Rocky and Agatha!


Beyond Eternal 12th Anniversary

Yesterday, it’s Beyond Eternal’s 12th anniversary!

Yeah, it’s been that long since I started this website. At first, this website is where I post my collections of poetry and other things. And then, eventually, it became a collection of fan sites I owned. As I got busy with real life, I turned it back to my main blog and closed down site after site. The only one remaining is my pixel site, where I don’t think I’ll be closing anytime soon, although I kept on disappearing on it.

Anyway, thank you everyone for always dropping by every now and then.

Here’s a little giftie to commemorate this day. It’s for everyone to grab!

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Ayumu x Butterfly

Ayumu is my most recent adopted baby. She’s getting fatter and fatter.She’s with my newly acquired butterfly from George. They (the team) went on a trip to Zoobic Safari. I wasn’t able to come with them because of a friend’s wedding.