Aucifer 10th Anniversary Tour

Sometime last month, I twitted about Aucifer’s 10th Anniversary Tour. Though I can’t read Japanese and such, I still never fail to get information about bands I am/was really into. This news was leaked by Shinjo Mayu herself at her blog entry, one happy April day.

Although the tour dates are only in Japan for now, I’m hoping they would go worldwide like X Japan’s 10th Year Reunion Concert. We can’t deny the fact that X Japan’s gap with international popularity is a bit wide compared to Aucifer, nevertheless, Aucifer is quite popular especially knowing where the band originated from.

Anyway, before I went on blabbing around too much about Kaikan Phrase, here are the tour dates listed for Aucifer:

August 25, 2010 (Wednesday)

August 26, 2010 (Thursday)

August 31, 2010 (Tuesday)

Let’s dig a little more deeper into the band itself, shall we?

Aucifer is a band form for the animation of Shinjo Mayu’s manga Kaikain Phrase (or Sensual Phase in the US) who first debuted in September 1999 and disbanded early 2003. They’re a group of 5 of who, except for the lead vocalist, took the name of their corresponding characters as stage names for their band. Band members include Makoto (who’s supposed to be Sakuya), Atsuro (Gu), Yuki (Gu),  Towa (Ba) and Santa (Dr). The band was a hit, but then, like any other band that was formed for anime, they broke up after a few albums as Makoto went solo and the others went  to join other bands as well.

Moving on to the manga, Kaikan Phrase is a manga known to every single shoujo smut fan. I believe I haven’t met a single shoujo smut fan who fails to know the mere title of this manga who’s storyline revolves around our shoujo protagonist, Yukimura Aine. Aine was an ordinary high school girl who has talent with writing lyrics, until one faithful day when she got caught up in an accident involving a hot, handsome, black haired and blue-eyed guy, Ookouchi Sakuya, who later turned out to be the vocalist of the super popular band called Lucifer (band name in the manga – apparently, this was the band’s original name before they turned it into Aucifer when they started their international debut). To cut the story short, she became their lyricist and eventually they fell in love. The entire manga mainly revolves around their relationship, sometimes, details of their past. Although the manga’s storyline keeps on dragging too much, in my opinion, one good point about it is the unbelievable amount of fan service by totally attractive bunch of bishonen which is a super plus for a shoujo smut fan like myself. Due to popularity of the manga, they made an anime version of it. But unlike the manga, the storyline of the anime revolves around more on the band Lucifer itself, in their years before their fame skyrocketed, unlike the manga on which it revolves more around Sakuya and Aine’s relationship. The Aucifer members did were the actual seiyuu who dubbed the anime and they also did the OST for the anime.

Oh and in case you have noticed, yes, my current blog theme, which has always been since 4 years ago,  is actually from Kaikan Phrase itself – the manga, to be exact.

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  1. / Replykazantip
    WOW!!! good news!
  2. / Replynina
    i luv thiz band nd anime very much!!!! y do they have 2 end!!! i want 2 c the leader of singin nd i want 2 hear them singing again

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