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I think, everything in this site is working fine now. Yes, even that DNS problem I had. I would like to extend my gratitude again to Ed, my domain host, for helping me fix my domain problems with my current host (and no, it’s not Ems, anymore). I would also like to thank Ems for the kindness and patience all those times and again, sorry for moving this domain to another host.

I’ve also upgraded to WP 2.2Gets. And finally fixed that IE 6 bug with my Drop down navigation above. *points*

I think that’s about it and IE still sucks. (^_^)

21 Responses to “WP Getz”

  1. Najo says:

    I think that’s about it and IE still sucks.


    We’re too cool for IE. xD

  2. Asha says:

    sorry i just can comment now! i’m glad BE is back! so i can wander around here :)

  3. Arlo says:

    Buti na lang solb na ang mga ipinagdadalamhati mo, Euri. Sarap ba? Inuman na ‘yan! :)

  4. Talamasca says:

    At fuh-reaking last!!! *pats Euri on the back*

  5. Euri says:

    @ Asha ~
    Hey, yeah. I know.

    @ Talamasca ~
    Ha! I missed you! *glomp*

  6. ems says:

    glad that everything is ok now :) it’s just sad that you’re no longer my hostee and apologies for whatever inconvenience it had caused you. To me, you’re still a good client … :) take care always Euri! :) God bless always!

  7. Erised says:

    Well, I’m glad that everything is okay now. ^^

  8. Shannon says:

    Gah, is it time for another WP upgrade??? Waaahhh…

    Yes, yes…IE does suck. I hate it…I think it should burn in hell. But I’m really glad to hear that your site is doing well! :)

  9. skunk says:

    great. hehe.. hayy.. im still working on my blogs.

  10. Euri says:

    @ ems ~
    Yup. Pero naka host pa rin yung isang domain namin sayo. 😛

  11. Flamegod says:

    Wow, nice. Congrats Euri 😀

    Thinking about upgrading to 2.2 but, iunno, nothings new in it, aside from the widgets that I won’t use. 😛

  12. christian says:

    I’m too lazy to upgrade my WP version right now, there is something wrong with my theme and I’m yet again lazy to look for the problem and solve it.

  13. Euri says:

    @ Flamegod ~
    I don’t use widgets too. I’m an old school. XP

    @ christian ~
    When procrastination attacks. XP

  14. Jaypee says:

    Good to know that your WP upgrade went smoothly. I also had no problem whatsoever upgrading to WP 2.2, even with the plugins. I’ve read that some blogs encountered some problems with widgets after upgrading their WP installation.

  15. shane says:

    its been a while.. 😉

    anyway, haven’t upgraded my WP.. what’s new on 2.2?

  16. Euri says:

    Oh, Hi Shane! It’s been a while. I haven’t visited you for some time. ^.^

  17. Ashley says:

    😀 Hey Euri! I’m glad your site is fixed. And I don’t know if I told you, but, I love this layout. <3 Lucifer!

    xD I would also love to kiss Jun Ki~

  18. benj says:

    I’m still not on the Getz bandwagon. Nakakatamad. I’m waiting for someone to volunteer to install it for me. Hahaha

  19. Jais says:

    so that’s why I wasn’t able to get here… I’ve been trying to access your site for quite awhile… anyway, congrats pala ang everything’s done… and oh, I have a new domain again… but this time it’s my own! haha… promise I will sustain this… XD

  20. Asha says:

    hiya! how have u been? we never meet in MSN, i kinda missed you! 😛

  21. Gean says:

    Good thing ok na site mo. :) Tinatamad din ako magupgrade gaya ni Christian. Hehe.

    Oh yeah, IE sucks.

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