Euri (yu-ri) is a unique specie of the genus Homo classified to be one belonging to the class of Homo Sapiens. It is nomadic and can be randomly found in different remote places of the Philippine Islands.

This creature has a weak constitution and opts not to exert too much physical effort as possible. It is also nocturnal in nature and is generally weak against too much sun, heat or light. It also suffers from random streaks of insomnia and skin asthma, especially during times when seasons change.

It  is mostly seen as a small, pale, highlighted (sometimes colored) hair, and roams around in dark clothing  that falls under and in between Gothic and punk fashion styles. It is known for its necrotic obsessions and is a collector and seller of figurines such as tombstones, caskets, skulls, skeletons and other things of the same theme.

One very notable habit of this creature is that it seems to be fond of beautiful feminine men (with strong preference for cross-dressers) or what other otaku call bishonen and has great tendencies of stalking them.

This creature also tends to be delusional and believes and claims itself to be a vampire of 400-something year old, who lives in a Gothic architectured, Victorian-styled, great mansion in the middle of a deep forest, and could turn people into puppets.

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Hi, I’m generally known as Euri and sometimes, Shi. And this website is where I shit rainbows.

On a daily normal life, I do point and click photography as a hobby. Sometimes, I’m also a poet, a short-stories writer, and an accidental designer. I work for super cool company as a Software Engineer in the morning. At night, I read manga, watch anime and play games like normal people do. But unlike other normal people, I have this fondness for collecting stuff with skulls and skeletons in them on which my mom finds weird. I also love drinking tea and eating chips. Other things I love are roses, black, red, blue and brown. And I hate sports, sunlight, summer and hot weather.

I got known around the Internet for a few things, I am —–

  • A super old blogger. I started blogging around 2003. I used to own tons of blog and so that makes me some super random blogger.
  • That lurker admin from Kawaii Heavens. I used be a staff (and later, admin) of a now dead anime community and an eroge-based scanlation group called Kawaii Heavens during the pre-historic era of scanlations. Some time in the middle ages of it, we expanded to another group that mainly focuses of shoujo called Eien no Shoujo, but it didn’t last long. Approximately a year after, everyone went rogue and thus we disappeared in the face of the Internet.
  • That game blogger who only blogs about shitty games. I sometimes blog at, an old gaming blog started by friends. I also blog at Android Pinas, a subsidiary blog of that’s all about android stuff.

It wasn’t widely known, but I was also —–

  • A long forgotten fan fiction writer. I used to write fan fictions in, though it only ran for a few years.
  • An IRC lurker. Being a teen in the early years of the Internet, everyone’s bound to lurk in the IRC.
  • A 4chan raised troll. I love 4chan and lurk there a lot. Not so much now, but 4chan is the shit.
  • A crazy roleplayer. I roleplay a lot, in my teens. My greatest achievement as a roleplayer was when I got up to the rank of being a Kazekage in a now closed Naruto forums.

Other Stuff: