Quests For 2018

2017 was a roller coaster year for me. A lot of ups and downs happened, and a lot of drama and this and that that went on, and at times, heavy decisions had to be made. It a nut shell, even though in my heart I still refuse to grow up, there’s been a lot of adulting I had to do. But like in every game, when you die, you just re-spawn back and life goes on.

Come 2018, this year, it will still be the same grinding and farming, but I’m still hoping that the year would be kinder to me.

So, this are the quest I intend to complete by the end of 2018:

  • Start money tracking
    • Log earnings
    • Log expenses
    • Log savings
  • Save money for PC upgrade or a new laptop (whichever is more achievable)

Self-improvement (development skills)

  • Learn Angular 4
    • Complete 1 personal app project using Angular 4 framework
  • Learn AWS
Self-improvement (creativity development)
  • Take a least 1 photo a week
  • Complete 10 creative challenges
  • Read 50 Books/Novels/Web Novels
  • Watch 50 Movies
  • Watch 50 TV series/drama (per season count as 1)
  • Post more on blogs

This year, I’ve also thought I’d try going paperless for my planners so I didn’t make inserts for my TN this year. I did make some for my mom’s and my sister-in-law’s TNs.

I’m still in the process of trying out several applications to use as alternative for my usual planner but so far, I’ve been using the mix of Google Calendar and Evernote. I’ve tried using OneNote (the online one) as my digi bujo for work the past year, but for some reason, the file kept on corrupting midway and having syncing errors. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix it for months until I gave up on it and returned to Evernote sometime in the last quarter of the year. I’ll try out other ones recommended by friends later on too.


14th Anniversary: Layout Throwback

Today marks the 14th year of this blog.

Every year I ponder a lot on what to write during my website’s anniversary, and this year, I thought about showing you this blog’s old layouts from when it started.

Btw, you can take the image above and use it as a gift for you for celebrating my blog’s 14th anniversary with me. Just click the image and save it to your own servers. I wont be making anymore of such gifts after this, because I don’t think anyone is interested in collecting them anymore.

Now, on to Beyond Eternal’s layout throwback!

Warning: Lots of images ahead!

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Lineage2 Revolution

So. A few days back, I’ve started playing Lineage2 Revolution (the mobile game one).

Old friends play it, and I thought that I haven’t played any MMORPG in years, so why not?

I started downloading it from the play store. It’s a bit huge and it requires at least 1GB RAM and 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU. Hopefully, my phone can stand it. 😀

My character name is Eglanor. He’s a dark elf. I’m went with the Rouge in a bow or better known as Phantom Ranger, for his class.

Originally, I wanted to name him Eglandir, because he’s an dark elf and dark elves needs dark elven names. But, unfortunately, Eglandir is already taken so I have to choose another. I’m kind of regretting choosing this name, because for some reason, I can’t remember it right. XD

Now for my first impression of Lineage2 Revolution, that I wrote when I first started weeks ago…

The first thing I noticed is the graphics. I went all, “Woah! So these can be achievable in mobile apps now, huh?” But thinking again and considering that the specs of the mobile phones nowadays is way better than my actual desktop PC, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. So in the end, it all comes down in how stable the Internet connection is.

As of this writing, I have yet to try playing this game using a mobile Internet data connection. But I’m assuming that you could at least play it decently in a stable 4G/LTE connection.

Moving on to the gameplay, I love how it stuck to the usual MMORPG type of gameplay. It’s easier to navigate around because there’s an auto quest on which I really love because I suck at locations and I have terrible sense of directions, in-game and IRL.

There are random movies in between quests, which I also love because it gives you the feel of actually being there in the game, or at least for me. And I also find the quests storyline pretty entertaining. However, I find those dialogs that appear suddenly in the top right corner while your fighting monsters, annoying. I mean, I’m fighting here, so I wouldn’t be able to read the dialogs properly.

When you’re a noob like I was (well, I am still), you’ll get confused with so much currency that appears in this game. There’s the normal gold called Adena, a red gem, blue gem, diamonds, topaz and Mileage. but you will get used to them eventually since other than the Adena and the red gem, the others are related to cash items or items you buy using real money.

Like the typical MMORPGs, there are also dungeons where you could fight stronger mobs to acquire more equipment, Adena, EXP and Summoning Stones (for the mounts). There’s also an arena where you can fight with other players. I also saw Fortress Siege and Castle Sieges, but I can’t access them yet.

There’s a clan (or guild), and complete with clan hall and clan dungeon too. The Clan Hall, I especially like, because it’s huge and you get to cook meals for additional temporary boosts and stats. AND there’s an actual maid in there, though she doesn’t do much.

Other things I noticed that are not in other games I’ve played that I really like are the Login Reward, Monthly Login Rewards and Recess Reward. You can get certain items just for simply login in and playing everyday. And when you’re not playing and needed rest, you get items as well. Oh, and you can also add friends and earn “Friendship Points” that you can use to buy items such as potions and equipment. However, friends are only limited to 30 as of now.

My disappointment came when I noticed that there is no trade in-game. There’s a Trading Post where you can vend your stuff, but you can’t trade with other players. One advantage to this, though, is that you’ll have to earn everything on your own and that you will never get scammed by another player through in-game trading.

Oh, and watch out for those annoying boastful players who loves to PK random people. There are a lot of them inside dungeons so when you’re in there, better keep your cool.

So far, I’m working on getting to level 100 or higher to finally kick some ass. 😀


Yaoi Expo

So. There’s finally been an official announcement for Yaoi Expo next year. It will be held, at the Bayanihan Center, Metro Manila on March  17, 2018.

Yaoi Expo is the successor of the previous yaoi convention – Lights Out and, after that, BlushCon.

Originally, Yaoi Expo was supposed to be held at Elements, ETON Centris, as previously announced. However, ETON Centris is to undergo a compulsory reconstruction resulting to the cancellation of the original venue. Thus, it has been moved to Bayanihan Center, Metro Manila.

Tickets sales will be done with two options – Event Brite 🤓 and Google Form.

Available tickets are at their usual rate:
Ticket Tier G – General Service – PHP 250.00 – admission only
Ticket Tier PG – Softcore – PHP 500.00 – admission + Ikemen Cafe
Ticket Tier SPG – Hardcore –  PHP 1,000.00 – admission + Ikemen Cafe + meet and greet with special guests

I’ll probably get the Hardcore, depending on who the special guests are. There will be 2. They will reveal them soon. I have this inkling that they are someone from the Yuri On Ice fandom~ 😍

On previous yaoi conventions, there are strict policies such as only taking photos for personal use and not allowing these photos to be posted in public. These rules have yet to be announced, but I think they’ll be around the same as it was. So by now, most yaoi fans are used to them since this has been the nth yaoi con.


🤓 I was very surprised with the Event Brite option!

I’m not married to Event Brite, but I would really recommend this option to other organizers of events since it’s very convenient.

I haven’t handled major events like a Yaoi Con (and have no plans to in the future, btw), but I’ve helped out in handling small events here and there. And to be honest, handling events are very tedious and not to mention, tiring. (So at the end of the day, we all have to thank all our event organizers for all their hard work. 🙇) And as most of us probably know, the Google Form works, but are done usually done very manually. And now comes, the Event Brite option!

For those who doesn’t know, Event Brite is a self-service ticketing platform you can use to handle all your ticketing problems, when doing events. You get to have your own event page where you can give out the link to, and the best part of it is that it has a payment option where all you have to do is link your Paypal merchant account to the Event Brite event page. Easy peasy! The payment option is run by Paypal. This means that you can receive payment using several options such as your Paypal funds, major banks and/or credit cards.

After you do an online event registration on Event Brite, you can also look for similar events or events around the area using Event Brite and there are other event planning tools too to help you promote and stuff.


My Dad

My Dad

I was supposed to post something about Mother’s Day last month, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. So to make it up for it, I thought I’d write something for Father’s Day for a change.

Around these times, when my dad was alive, I used to think very hard of what to give to him. Although unlike my mom, he’s not very picky and that he mostly appreciates the small things, he’s also the type that wants very few things so it’s really hard to think about what to give him. Back in those days, I would usually resort to Father’s Day gifts suggestions (visit this website) from gift stores, and ended up just buying whatever my money could afford at the time.

If I couldn’t find anything interesting, I would always end up in giving him pens because he loves collecting them. He even gave me my first fountain pens and taught me how to use them.

Like the typical Chinese dads, mine looks strict and doesn’t talk much. But he’s not, really. He loves joking around and is usually very talkative too. We’re very similar in regards to attitude, temperament, and even sickness (Atopic Dermatitis).

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get his talent for cooking. He’s cooking is superb! Although, like me, he also loves pizza (who doesn’t, anyway?), barbecue, dimsum and tea!

However, unlike me who prefers to stay at home and lie around the couch all day, he loves going to different places, trying out different foods and traveling. My brothers probably got this from him.

He also used to own a gift shop that sells just about all kinds of interesting things. I help out around his shop after school and during vacations. So it is very interesting for me to find a gift store online called Gifts Less Ordinary that sells similar things he does at his shop. The only difference is that it’s online, where you don’t have to go to the physical store to browse for things, and it’s easier to purchase things because we can do this even at the convenience of our homes or office. You might want to check them out, too!

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo @ Pexels.