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Yoshiki’s Piano Auction Will Start Soon!

It’s all set for Yoshiki’s Piano Auction. The auction date is set to April 17, 2011 (Sun) Japanese Standard Time (GMT+7) and will be hosted by Yahoo Japan Charity Auctions. The auction page will be translated to 4 different languages namely English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The entire profit for auctioning off Yoshiki’s favorite Kawai CR-40 crystal  piano will be donated in full to the Japan Earthquake victims through Red Cross Japan.

There’ll be an exhibit after as well as donations from other popular artists such as Marilyn Manson, Stan Lee, Shanei Grimes, Chelsea Handler, the United States through more members of the HFPA Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Jemuzufuranko, etc.

Details of Yoshiki’s Piano are as follows:

Tamotsu Tokoro – YOSHIKI Piano Crystal

88 keys (7 1 / 4 octaves) / 3 pedals (with sostenuto)
White Keys Fainaibori  (antibacterial)
Black Keys – Faineboni (antibacterial)
Use clear acrylic resin w/ chairs only
Height – 100cm / frontage 150cm / depth 185cm / 425kg weight

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YOSHIKI: Donates His Crystal Piano for Earthquake Relief

March 13, Tokyo – X JAPAN’s Yoshiki is going to auction off his priceless crystal piano that he brings all over the world whenever he has concerts, is to be auction off to help Japanese people who were affected by the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan on March 11.

Yoshiki was in his recoding studio in Japan when the earthquake happened. Feeling it and seeing news reports of his countrymen devastated him and he thought that he must do something for them.

Yoshiki is also collection donations through his American foundations, Yoshiki Foundation America.


Yoshiki and Stan Lee Comic Series Collaboration

At his New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con panel last Saturday (October 9, 2010), Yoshiki Hayashi, the co-founder of the super popular Japanese rock band X Japan, announced that he and Stan Lee, a popular comic creator, are going to collaborate on the creation of a new comic series with “music superhero” as a theme. The said comic will be adopted into different language and into a motion comic later on.


Updates About Yoshiki’s Health

Drummer, pianist and X JAPAN band leader, Yoshiki, will undergo neck surgery on Monday, July 27, 2009 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Neel Anand, Director of the Cedars-Sinai Spine Center, will perform a cervical foraminotomy.

Due to his intense drumming style, Yoshiki developed a worsening of his neck pain and left hand numbness over the past month, affecting his music performance. His condition has been evaluated by doctors in the U.S. and Japan. Yoshiki underwent a spinal x-ray series, an MRI of the spine, and an EMG. After seeking second and third opinions on the diagnosis and treatment, he concluded that the foraminotomy was necessary for the cervical foraminal stenosis.

Yoshiki’s primary physician at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Tommy H. Tomizawa (UCLA Assistant Professor), states that he will need a few weeks to recover from the surgery and a month or more of rehabilitation. If his condition does not improve over the next several months, laminectomy, discectomy and spinal fusion would be considered. Artificial disc placement would be another treatment of choice.

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