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Traveler’s Notebook Standard Weekly Printable

So, I made this months ago. I was suppose to post it last month, but I got lazy.

Anyway, This is how my current Midori Traveler’s Notebook standard size weekly insert look like. I tried several version of weekly designs until I ended up with this, at the end. I made more spaces for the weekdays and smaller spaces for the weekends because I mainly use this for work and I don’t normally work during weekends unless there are urgent things that needs to be done, or my shift ended up in the weekends.

Again, I’m putting this up here for sharing, in case anyone would be interested in printing it.

You can get the printables here:

If you’re looking for the monthly version, it’s here.


Traveler’s Notebook Standard Monthly Printable

I’m a typical basic printer user. By basic I meant, I have totally zero printing skills. To print things, I normally just hit CTRL+P and choose the paper size and print color, and that’s it.

I wanted a monthly planner that’s simple and have a lot of writing space (because I need all those spaces, probably). I’ve found a few online Midori inserts that I would want to print. I tried printing some but ended up failing miserably and wasting ink and paper in the process.
So, to make my life simple, I made my own monthly printable for my standard size Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I will have no other use for them so I thought I would share them with you, in case anyone would want it.

(Click the image above, to download)

If you notice, there’s no “month” on it, because I often move around the month from top right to bottom right and decorate it. 😅

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A5 Weekly Inserts: Addams Family

I’ve always loved The Addams Family, who doesn’t? I made these weekly inserts for my DIY A5 planner that I used for work.

I made more of these, in different themes for each month, but my external hard drive broke and I lost all my files. I’ve only managed to recover this because it was in my blog’s draft for months. 🙁

I thought I would share them for everyone who’s interested.


Please click the images to download.

Have fun! 🙂


Welcome, Spring!

Technically, Spring does not exist in my country. But really who cares, right?

I’ve changed my Gallery‘s layout to something Spring.

I’m happy on how it turned out. Especially the header. This is my first header image in years. Yes, YEARS.

If you notice my other seasonal sites and other collection sites, they all don’t have headers. I did code them to have placeholders for headers, but they’re hidden because I don’t really have anything to put on there.

Aside from the header image, everything else were pre-made – backgrounds, and some images.

My Spring Site is also up, but half done. I haven’t organized the other pages, but the main parts are all done. There’s nothing interesting in it though. I don’t make puzzle games like others do anymore because they’re tedious to make and I’m a lazy ass. My sub-sites are more on the part that holds my collections rather than it being interactive for guests. Although I do have a bit of things to offer on them. Please visit my Spring Site, if you have time to spare! 😀


Calling Cards for Tita Eula

One day, my younger brother asked me if I could make new calling cards for Tita Eula. She’s the mom of my younger brother’s girlfriend. She owns a business named Ms. D’s Apparel that sells, well, apparels – clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, etc. I think most of her clothes are imported from the US or Hongkong. I often buy shoes from her store. The price is a bit higher than most, but the quality is definitely better. You might wanna check her online store out at Facebook called Mom’s Closet.

I’m looking for more of a stitches kind of a feel, and here are the calling card studies I ended up with:

I chose that vector girl above because she looks like her, and I chose this shoes below that because her shop mostly sells shoes.

Both vector images were taken from a royalty free site that I do not remember where, exactly. O.O