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Rose Nail Art

Apparently, my front-door neighbor is a professional nail artist. She even conducts seminars and teaches nail arts. She made my nails for a friend’s wedding.

Congratulations to my friends Rocky and Agatha!

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Last Saturday, I attended a wedding. Long story short, due to circumstances, I didn’t have enough time to buy a dress. So, I opted to just borrow one from a friend.

So as not to repeat this past mistake, I thought I’d browse around for dresses that I may be able to wear for future events. So in case I would need one, I’d know where to find one. Or at least, I have an idea of what to look for. Just for future references.

I was looking around several online clothing shops for dresses, I have a few criteria in mind of what I would want to look for.. The first is that the dress should be as plain or basic as possible. Second is that it can be worn casually and also formally. And the third one is that it would look comfortable to wear even in this scorching hot weather.

Finally, after a few hours, I found a few of the dresses from Shop This Easy and ZALORA that I would want to wear and I would like to share it to you in case you might be interested in them too.

The dresses from Shop This Easy look like the type of dresses you’d see in a Korean drama series. They have a small collection of dresses, but these were my favorites from their collection.

Unfortunately though, the first one is sold out.

Since I’m often mistaken as a Korean, I think these dresses would fit me. Korean drama series are big in this this country, so if your peg is to look like a Korean celebrity, these are it. And they’re cheap too. Prices range from PHP 400-1,000. Cheap, right?

Next, you should check out the casual dress collection at ZALORA. They have the prettiest basics. Here are 2 of my favorites. 😀

I especially love the colors of these dresses above. They look simple, elegant and the dress seems flowy. I could definitely wear these in weddings or other formal events. There are other that caught my eyes, but these 2 are on the top of my list. The best part of it all is that they actually have XS size! I’m petite, so it’s really hard to look for clothes with an XS size in this country. Adult clothes are mostly huge and teen/children’s clothes are too small. Price range are around PHP 900-2,000. Not bad, eh?


Hydra by GoldDot

I have known GoldDot for a while from my friend Joren. She recommended it to me since she knows how much I love couture and everything out of ordinary, especially shoes. Since then, I’ve always been wanting to buy shoes from GoldDot, but I find the shoes too high for my taste. I mean, I could wear 4-inch high shoes but to wear it while walking everyday from Ayala Ave. to Legaspi Village will be the death of me. Although there were actually a few times I did try, the result is always that its very tiring and hard to walk since the road isn’t leveled the same all the time.

So finally, when I was browsing last Friday, I chanced upon this pretty shoes called Hydra from GoldDot. The first thing I looked at is the heel and platforms height. The heel is 4 inches and platforms is 2.5. I thought, “perfect!” And went to buy it immediately after thinking about it for 10 seconds!

And after a few days, my package arrived!

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Dear Rus Color Changing Nail Polish

Last week, my older brother bought us a nail polish called Dear Rus. The sales lady told him that it’s a color changing nail polish. He was so intrigued by it and bought it. He told me to put them on and try if it really does change colors.

Earlier this afternoon, our manicurist came over and I had it put on me. And guess what? It does change colors!

I went and dipped my nails in our freezer to test if it really does change colors.

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BUM Equipment Event

I just got home from my boss’ despedida. But before that, I was in BUM Equipment‘s event that was held at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center. I went with Jepoy, Lalaine and Rocky. Although we were too late when we arrived, we somehow still managed to experience the fashion show.

Being an enthusiast of goth, punk, grunge and other street fashion, this is not the first time I’ve heard of BUM. In fact, I like BUM. Especially that series where Kuya Orly (one of our IT guys in my company) wears. I love that shirt with a skull in it. I always notice it when he wears that shirt. But, this is actually my first time being in an actual event (not exactly, because we arrived late). The event got my attention because BUM Equipment is supposedly a fashion brand with gothic and emo as a theme. Although it’s not quite in line with my opinion of what “gothic” is, being a goth myself, I do understand the concept of how it came to be branded as goth. As I was looking through the clothing designs via their newly launched website, I think their designs would fall more on the grunge and emo style more than goth. Though there are goths that uses bright colors, mostly industrial goths, the overall feeling just doesn’t fit right. And the mere idea of  it just doesn’t sit well with me. Probably the preppy feeling to it. But this is just me – the me who is very particular with these things. But then again, that’s the main point of it. It’s supposed to have that preppy looking, college feel to it.

This is what the fashion show is all about (this is the actual press release. I just copied and pasted it. =P):

BUM, one of the country’s leading brands in apparel, once again takes to center stage its newest collection, sure to reflect the youth’s unpredictable flair for fashion. Presenting Bum’s Collar-Ups Collections. Inspired by the fun eccentricity of fashion and the many possibilities one ca create, Bum’s Collar-Ups Collection celebrates color and innovation. Now out on racks for back to school season, it speaks of a whole new fashion statement: wearing collared shirts with a twist.

The colored collars come with a special design or logo at the back where it is usually left blank. A mix of fashionable designs give the collection a character all its own. Plaids, houndstooth, and a wide selection of prints scream a distinct mark that Bum’s modern, Goth feel exudes.

Mixing function and fashion, Bum’s creation have always been inspired by the youth who personify curiosity and non-conformity in style and in self-expression. Created for highly receptive and reactive individuals, Bum is supposed to be seen – and more importantly, heard by everyone else. Personal empowerment is sewn in every collection, hence, the “he wore/ she wore” character embedded in every piece of apparel.

This school season, Collar-Ups collection make a great conversation piece. So Bum around in style and be the campus fashion upper – Only with Bum’s Collar-Ups collections

BUM is available at all leading department stores nationwide.

Anyway, fashion show images are below. I’m not quite the photographer, so the lighting and the shot might be too noobish for a pro photographer’s opinion, so please let me slide. XD

Over all, I enjoyed this event.

And of course, special thanks to a lot of people – Azrael for the invite; the ultra nice PR, Judy, eventhough we were extremely late; Jepoy and Lalaine for the ride; Rocky for sending me to the Fort, despite me saying he doesn’t need to get down, he still did anyway; and Dos for getting me from Red Kimono to Pier 1, he got totally wet, gomen nasai! m(-_-)m. That’s it!