Onefreekiss Closes

In case you haven’t heard the news, recently, Onefreekiss announced it’s closure after years of serving the Filipino Gothic and Lolita scene with it’s one-of-a-kind, elegant and breath-taking designs.

onefreekissFor those who didn’t have a chance to know, Onefreekiss is local Gothic and Lolita clothing brand owned by Catherine de Jesus. It’s the first ever Gothic and Lolita shop that actually produces it’s own designs and/or products that opened years ago, when Gothic and Lolita and other Japanese street fashion weren’t as popular in the country as it is today.

In those times, there are only a handful of stores where you could buy these type of clothes locally. I usually order mine online, not until Mommy Cris started selling her stuff (and there was a time, pre-orders too) at Rock n Doll, her online shop. Now, there has been too many shops that appear here and there where you could buy and/or have these things made. But remember to be very careful when buying online because there is always that possibility of getting scammed.

Despite this news, however, Cat decided to moved on to a new line catering to mostly cosplayers in her new shop called Layers HQ. Since I’m not really a cosplayer, I’ll probably just end up browsing around the shop more than purchasing anything from it like I used to. Or if chances permit, I might end up having something made out of the shop, who knows.

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Blood Storm Top

Mommee Kurisu is selling this Blood Storm Top at her shop, Rock n Doll.

Me wants. But it’s too big. It’s actually free size – roughly about Medium (Asian size). I could buy it and have it adjusted again but the chest part is err… *sobs*

Btw, she has Gothic Lolita pre-order stuffs too (but they are not currently available anymore, you’ll have to wait later).

And there’s someone who’s selling her gothic skirt. But the waist line is 27 inches. I’m 5 inches off. XDXD

Why are the clothes so damn BIG?! T^T

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OH MY GACKT. Look at how beautiful this crown is:


I’m drooling over this beautiful Gothic Lolita crown piece called DOREIKUROZUREZAKURAUN [O-34] from SUPPURATE SYSTEM. Aside from the fact that it’s a thorny crown that made me love it, what made me want it so much is that thing inside it. If you haven’t notice, there’s this huge detailedly-made black rose inside the crown. This piece is a 14×15 cm crown made out of genuine leather, plastic and nickel. But it cost 8,660? (tax included). Yesh! It’s painfully pricey for some poor girl like me. T^T

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The Spiralz

My friend, Wati and her friend, opened a shop called The Spiralz. Since Wati is from Singapore, the business, of course, is located in Singapore as well. So if you happen to live somewhere in Singapore, you might want to order or something.

Anyway, let’s get down to the things, I wanted for myself. My taste for dresses are those that are mostly in the borderline of EGL fashion. They are in some sense, cute and of course, with a touch of elegance.

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