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Lineage2 Revolution

So. A few days back, I’ve started playing Lineage2 Revolution (the mobile game one).

Old friends play it, and I thought that I haven’t played any MMORPG in years, so why not?

I started downloading it from the play store. It’s a bit huge and it requires at least 1GB RAM and 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU. Hopefully, my phone can stand it. 😀

My character name is Eglanor. He’s a dark elf. I’m went with the Rouge in a bow or better known as Phantom Ranger, for his class.

Originally, I wanted to name him Eglandir, because he’s an dark elf and dark elves needs dark elven names. But, unfortunately, Eglandir is already taken so I have to choose another. I’m kind of regretting choosing this name, because for some reason, I can’t remember it right. XD

Now for my first impression of Lineage2 Revolution, that I wrote when I first started weeks ago…

The first thing I noticed is the graphics. I went all, “Woah! So these can be achievable in mobile apps now, huh?” But thinking again and considering that the specs of the mobile phones nowadays is way better than my actual desktop PC, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. So in the end, it all comes down in how stable the Internet connection is.

As of this writing, I have yet to try playing this game using a mobile Internet data connection. But I’m assuming that you could at least play it decently in a stable 4G/LTE connection.

Moving on to the gameplay, I love how it stuck to the usual MMORPG type of gameplay. It’s easier to navigate around because there’s an auto quest on which I really love because I suck at locations and I have terrible sense of directions, in-game and IRL.

There are random movies in between quests, which I also love because it gives you the feel of actually being there in the game, or at least for me. And I also find the quests storyline pretty entertaining. However, I find those dialogs that appear suddenly in the top right corner while your fighting monsters, annoying. I mean, I’m fighting here, so I wouldn’t be able to read the dialogs properly.

When you’re a noob like I was (well, I am still), you’ll get confused with so much currency that appears in this game. There’s the normal gold called Adena, a red gem, blue gem, diamonds, topaz and Mileage. but you will get used to them eventually since other than the Adena and the red gem, the others are related to cash items or items you buy using real money.

Like the typical MMORPGs, there are also dungeons where you could fight stronger mobs to acquire more equipment, Adena, EXP and Summoning Stones (for the mounts). There’s also an arena where you can fight with other players. I also saw Fortress Siege and Castle Sieges, but I can’t access them yet.

There’s a clan (or guild), and complete with clan hall and clan dungeon too. The Clan Hall, I especially like, because it’s huge and you get to cook meals for additional temporary boosts and stats. AND there’s an actual maid in there, though she doesn’t do much.

Other things I noticed that are not in other games I’ve played that I really like are the Login Reward, Monthly Login Rewards and Recess Reward. You can get certain items just for simply login in and playing everyday. And when you’re not playing and needed rest, you get items as well. Oh, and you can also add friends and earn “Friendship Points” that you can use to buy items such as potions and equipment. However, friends are only limited to 30 as of now.

My disappointment came when I noticed that there is no trade in-game. There’s a Trading Post where you can vend your stuff, but you can’t trade with other players. One advantage to this, though, is that you’ll have to earn everything on your own and that you will never get scammed by another player through in-game trading.

Oh, and watch out for those annoying boastful players who loves to PK random people. There are a lot of them inside dungeons so when you’re in there, better keep your cool.

So far, I’m working on getting to level 100 or higher to finally kick some ass. 😀



Recently, I’ve registered for Mastodon. I got intrigued about it when a friend, Karen, mentioned about it.

For those who are not aware, Mastodon is the new social networking site that rocked the Internet for these past half month. But what’s different about Mastodon is that Mastodon is open-source. It means that the code is available for everyone to use, and people can make their own Mastodon servers as alternative platforms, which are called “instances.”

Like Twitter, you can post statuses/messages and pictures in Mastodon. But instead of 140, Mastodon’s character limit is 500. And a feature that I love most, the “CW” or Content Warning, for spoilers, NSFWs and stuff.

Another great thing I found interesting about Mastodon is that you can interact with people even when they’re from different servers. There’s a “Local timeline” where you can find the toots (or posts) of people in the same server as you, and a “Federated timeline” where you can see toots from across all of the Mastodon instances.

If you’re tired of spammers, troll, and bullshit from Twitter, you might wanna try being on Mastodon.

Though I’m mostly a lurker, my Mastodon handle name is, if you’re looking for me. I hang out here often because Twitter is blocked from the office and people on Mastodon are the most interesting bunch.

If you’re on Mastodon too, send me a toot!

PS: The Mastodon mascot is super cute! 😍


Empress of China

Empress of China

I’ve been wanting to watch this series since its first debut. I just didn’t have the time to do so until my holiday vacation came. I had the entire half of December of last year for vacation, and I spent it all on watching TV series I’ve been wanting to watch. Empress of China is the first one I’ve seen when my vacation started.

The Empress of China is a Chinese TV series based on the life of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor or empress regnant in the entire history of China. She ruled in the year 684 to 705, which interrupted the Tang Dynasty in the middle. Nobody knows why she insisted on becoming an “emperor” at her late age and why she left a blank tablet (also known as “Wordless Stele”) when she died. Wu Zetian’s greatest achievements are probably her political and military achievements in the expansion of China and extending the court to allow the lower classes to be a part of it instead of it being exclusively only headed by nobles.

I think, she wanted to became an “emperor” herself, just because she wanted to prove that despite being a woman, she can rule the empire as effectively as any man in the same position. In her entire reign from empress consort to empress regnant herself, when you look at things objectively, she ruled better than some male emperors did. However, since in ancient China, women are considered as inferior to men, she was looked down upon and insulted her entire reign.

I love historical dramas, and Empress of China is probably one of the best historical dramas I’ve seen. I like everything in this series from the characters down to the plot. I especially love how detailed the setting and costumes are — they show how extravagant the imperial court was during the Tang Dynasty. The only thing about this series that I didn’t quite like is how the timeline suddenly jumps at weird paces, especially around the last few episodes. There are times when I get lost with scenes and details. Though I’m not entirely sure if it has something to do with my copy being that it’s the censored version. There are two versions of this TV series, the original one and the edited part where there are scenes that were taken out due to censorship in China. Other than that, I have no other complains.


Firebase as Image Host

Google Drive announced last year that it will be deprecating the web hosting feature by August 31, 2016. That’s a few days from now. It means that the once very useful URL,[id], will cease to exist. And it also means that I’ll lose my blog’s image host. 🙁

As you may remember, sometime ago, I decided to move my blog’s images to a Google Drive for several reasons – it’s easier to manage the images, and it’s less likely to lose the images from jumping from one hosts ti another, since it’s in a cloud storage. So now that GD is shutting down the web hosting feature, I wont have anyway to hotlink to my images. But the other day, as I received an email reminder of the same content from the Google Apps Team, I read somewhere there about Firebase Hosting.

So I went and checked around Firebase. Firebase is a cloud service provider that software developers can use to create their web applications to. In short, it’s like Google App Engine, but better. I tried playing around with it yesterday morning before I went to sleep. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use.

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GameOPS Reborn!

GameOPS‬ has been reborn! And that phoenix image/logo is really cool, along with GameOPS’s old logos.

So. It’s July 1st and we just relaunched our old website/blog where we geek out about lots of things. (My history with the group is in a previous post.) The newly resurrected website has a fresh and sleek web 2.0-ish looking logo and a responsive layout that is also mobile friendly. We (I didn’t really, not that much) worked really hard for it and for once, seriously planned about it, so you should take a visit of it. We have a lot of new posts to the point of spamming, though we did lose a lot because of the downtime.

So here’s the post from the official Facebook, that I copy and pasted:

GameOPS‬ is officially back from the dead! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated on the latest news.

Check out our old sections such as Pirates ‘R Us, Retro Gaming Nights, Fanboy Fight Fest, Nihonsei, and the newly renamed Featured Gamer –GameOPS P.O.I. or ‪#‎GameOPSPersonOfInterest‬. Enjoy new contents from our new Lifestyle section and our funny ‪#‎GamingHugot‬. And don’t forget to tag us for imaginary goodie bags! ‪#‎GameOPSreborn‬

Oh, and I should tell you, our friend JM made this really cool Duterte Ipsum tool. It’s like Lorem Ipsum with Duterte stuff on it. For those who doesn’t know, Duterte is the new president of the Philippines, effective yesterday until 6 years from now.