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It’s my 30th birthday today (ugh, it’s now yesterday). And to be honest, I didn’t really feel like all panicky and stuff unlike some people I knew who went all nuts when they reached 30 and questioned themselves of how far have their accomplishments had gone. I’m a simple person who have simple desires and wants simple things, so I don’t usually make a mountain of a mole hill when achievements are on the plate of conversation. That and the fact that I’m struggling a bit, so I wanted to focus first at what I have at hand than worrying about other things.

I’m trying to keep a really positive vibe this year. Because good vibes brings good fortunes.

So if you’re reading this post, because it’s my birthday today, smile. 🙂



So I made my first Livejournal entry after a really really long time. Yes, I’m back to blogging in LJ again.

It all started when this post came out last month. Everyone went flashing back to our old LJ days. A few days later, I got invited to join a closed group in Facebook for old LJ friends. I think, if I remember correctly, it was Sammy who invited me. There, we get to hang out with old friends and recall random things from the past. And then slowly, everyone just started coming back to LJ. Yay! So now, LJ is being all fun and active again. Especially the graphics community.

I never really left LJ. I’m still around reading friends feed and occasional commenting if I have something to say. And of course, requesting graphics. XD

I also did a HUGE friends cut. I announced it everywhere. I decided to start fresh and deleted old entries. I thought I’ll keep my LJ strictly private this time.


I Won at Raffles!

I was supposed to blog this over the holiday season, but my younger brother and I got too engrossed with our Supernatural marathon that we couldn’t leave it even for a second, while alternating with the computer watching with my older brother who was doing a Sleepy Hollow marathon. We’re siblings who love supernatural, action, horror type of TV series.

I’ve been collecting advent goodies and gifts from several pixel sites. It was really fun. And guess what? I’ve won 2 raffles over the entire holiday season and one of them was a raffle from an Advent Calendar, too.

I got my first from Melissa of Momma203 Pixel Place. It’s a membership to her pixel site. I think it’s a lifetime one. I’m not quite sure. Melissa once spoiled me with tons of sigtags from an event in TSVP. I love them! That’s why I’m very excited for this membership. Thank you Melissa! 😀

The second one was from Heather of All Things Cute. ATC has this point system where you win points from participating in events, games and such. You can exchange the points for free blinkies from Heather’s gallery, and she makes really cute blinkies too! Thank you again, Heather! 😀

This is my second time winning at raffles since I’ve won my first from Orella of Art by Rel for a Loved Pass.


Hello, 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

First thing’s first, here’s my new year’s gift for you. Please click on it and save. Like usual, please link it back to me.

I also made a matching quilt, so if you wanted it, you can grab it from my winter site.

I haven’t thought of making a “Goodbye 2014” post and recollected things from the past year. Heck, I probably would end up not making any. Not because I don’t wanna look back on them or anything, but more to the fact that I’m lazy. XD

To be quite honest, my year had been one heck of a roller-coaster. I had to give up on things. But I’ve also gain some things, or at least, I think I did. There are things that are emotionally draining, but everyone has their times. Who doesn’t, right? I’ll spare you the details and the drama because new years are supposed to be all about being happy and celebration and things. But to summarize my 2014, however, it’s more on the “same shit, different year” kinda vibe. There are good things that happened, and bad things too. But if I’m to repeat the year again, I’ll probably do the same things again because I’m supposed to be, or more like trying to be, that optimistic person who tries hard to look at the rising sun each morning with hope in her eyes.



Na-miss ko ang Pasig.

Na-miss ko yung pagtawid sa harap ng simbahang nagmamadali dahil nakakastress ang tunog ng traffic light sa tawiran. Minsan, nananakbo pa ako dahil malapit nang matapos ang bilang ng traffic light.

Na-miss ko ang pagbili ng kung anu-ano sa gilid ng simbahan – candies, yosi, bulaklak, mumurahing earphones, chicharon at balot.

Na-miss ko yung masarap na isaw sa tapat ng iskinita namin, na gabi-gabi kong sinasadya. Madalas, pumapasok ako ng maaga para makauwi ng maaga para lang maabutan ko yung isaw ng baboy nila na madalas ay ubos na pag tapak alas sais.

Na-miss ko ang pagbili ng pagkain sa Alex Lugawan.

Na-miss ko yung kainan nila lola na pinagkakainan ko gabi-gabi.

Na-miss ko rin yung mga kapit-bahay naming walang humpay sa mga chismis ng buhay-buhay ng mga tao sa paligid, yung mga lasengong kapit-bahay namin na gabi-gabi mong inaabutang umiinom sa iskinata namin, at yung mga madalas kumanta sa videoke magdamag na akala mo, wala nang bukas.

Paalam, Pasig, hanggang sa muling pagbisita ko.