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Drugs and Killings

The recent happenings in my country is like something out of a shounen manga arc, or an RPG game. It’s like I’m living in the Holy Britannian Empire or Dressrosa or something.

So, if I wanted someone dead, I can just kill him, insert drugs within his body (to frame him for it), and then later, claim that he’s a pusher. And NOBODY would think I’m wrong. Because as far as people are concerned, the person I killed is just some random drug pusher and IT’S TOTALLY OKAY to kill drug pushers. Never mind that killing people is a heinous crime, never mind that that person who got killed might just be some poor guy who was framed, and never mind that we have actual functional laws for these kind of things, but are being ignored.

It’s so barbaric that I feel like I’m living in the Bronze Age. I seriously do not know what to think of it. Even Game of Thrones have proper trials and, at times, trial by combat. But in this country, if you’re a suspect, people could kill you randomly without remorse. And worse, they even jeer on you and tell you that you deserve to die without trial or even the right to defend yourself, if these accusations are even true.

This is what’s happening to a totally religious and Catholic-centered country — one of the two countries left in the entirety of Asia.

Good going, dear President. I blame you for all of this because you started it. People are mimicking you and think that these things are okay, and that they are right and just. I believe in the change that you were campaigning for when you were running. The kind of change that will bring us all in a downward spiral to hell.

PS: The second coming of Jesus Christ is upon us.


“Justified Killing”

Hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang mga tao, minsan. So, basta walang kinalaman sayo, kebs ka na lang? Ninanakawan na kapitbahay mo, narape yung kakilala mo, tinorture yung nakatira sa kabilang kalsada niyo, kebs lang?

“Justified killing” daw. Define justified killings? Pag sabi ng gobyerno na dapat mamatay ang isang tao, regardless kung inosente siya, kebs lang?

Remember martial law? Those killings, rape, tortures were “justified” according to those in position. Yung ibang tao, for example, nag babasketball lang sa labas ng bahay nila, tapos dinampot na lang bigla, tapos tinorture at binintangan ng kung anu-ano. ‘Justified’ ba yun sayo? Pwede mong sabihin sa akin that this would never happen, but nobody thought that these things would happen when people voted for Marcos before.

I have to admit that sometimes I see humans as just living piles of flesh. But I have never wished for people to be treated this way, the same way that I will never wish for them to happen to any of my family or friends.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. It happened before, and it can always happen again.


Thomasian Welcome Walk 2015

It was another day last August 5, 2015 for the freshmen students of University of Santo Tomas, as they enter the famous “Arch of the Centuries” as part of their initiation rite of becoming an official “Thomasian” this school year.

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Biyahe: SOSS Camp 2015

Earlier, I checked out this site called Kaymu Philippines. I’ve gotten to know it via a friend. It’s a fairly new online shopping site here in the Philippines. Since I used to work for an online shopping site too (it’s now dead, though), I got curious and so I registered. Although in general, online shopping sites works almost the same as each other, I noticed that Kaymu offers payment upon delivery of the item/s you buy, on which I found interesting because most of the online shops these days are “pay now ship later.”

Oh, and here’s an article about the adventures to Ateneo School of Social Sciences. Read More →


Moments of Nil

My long time friend, Flora Tavu, who I dearly call Hana (her nickname), recently published her first book titled Moments of Nil.

Moments of Nil is a collection of short stories and poems that she wrote for 10 years. The book is published under Partridge Singapore. You can purchase the book via Amazon (link here) or few selected bookstores.

Hana is a friend I met online. She used to live in the Philippines, but eventually moved to Brunei. In our younger years in the Internet (college days, I think), we used to write short stories and poems together, and blogged a lot. I still write poems now, too. But I don’t write short stories like her anymore. I never ended up finishing my Let It Rain series. Anyway, I remembered when she used to ask me about book publishing years ago and I was sort of helping her find a publisher, but I was no help. I was really surprised when she told me months ago that she’s going to have a book published. So, in support, I’d like to announce it to everyone too, in case I get someone to be interested to her book.

Back in the day, I read some of her poems at her old poetry website. I’m assuming those were the ones she got published. They’re were pretty good, in my opinion. There are some poems that I really liked and there are those where I could relate to.

I haven’t bought the book myself, but if you love reading short stories from Wattpad, you’ll probably love her works too.