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Craft N’ Create

I ordered a bunch of inserts for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport size. I hoarded these for the start of the year.


Ayumu x Butterfly

Ayumu is my most recent adopted baby. She’s getting fatter and fatter.She’s with my newly acquired butterfly from George. They (the team) went on a trip to Zoobic Safari. I wasn’t able to come with them because of a friend’s wedding.

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Last Wednesday, July 1st, a package arrived for me from my friend Lean. It’s a beautiful package full of love and other little pretty things. But the prettiest of them all is my new love, Ayumu.

Ayumu (歩夢) means “walk towards dream.” Or so according to what I read somewhere online. Ayumu is a passport sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook that has a beautiful brown leather. It’s been with me for a few days now, and he’s already covered in scratches despite the fact that it came with a cloth cover. Although, according to Midori’s website, the more scratches the leather has, over time, the more beautiful it would be. So I’m very hopeful that it’s true. XD

Do you find it odd that I chose to have a traveler’s notebook even though I am an indoor type? I find it odd myself. Haha! But Ayumu was just the perfect of planner/notebook that I would want to take with me every single time. I plan on buying inserts and accessories for it soon, too. I’m targeting the 004 Zipper (passport size), first before everything else. Then I thought I would also want a 010 Kraft paper folder (passport size), too. But then I would probably just make one my own using card stacks or something.

I’ll post more about Ayumu, later, when I started filling it with things. 😀