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Beyond Eternal 13th Anniversary

It’s been a great long 13 years since I started this website. I’ve struggled a lot with this website throughout those long years. It begun as a simple personal website with my blog and poetry and whatnot, that I uploaded at Geocities. It then became a portal of my several fan sites and blog, until it became what you see now today.

I’ve met a lot of people through this blog. And these people come and go. But there are also a lot of friends I’ve met through this blog that I’m still keeping in touch with. Some of them are really close friends that I go hang out with every once or twice a month, even when I now live so far away.

So for this year, I’m plugging the friends I met through this blog from years ago that I’m still in touch right now. Please visit their websites/ blogs when you have time~

Plugs: Ade, Bea, Sese, Nickle, Karen, the GameOPS team, RochelleShabbyNagi, Nelson, Ravencroft, Roselyn, AjaXian, Lacaille, Jeniffer~

Before I forget, here’s the annual anniversary giftie for everyone to grab:

You know the drill — click to save, and link back.



If you’re seeing this post, it means that you are now seeing this blog on it’s new server! Hurray! 🙌

And of course, an obligatory yahoo image of Luciel (credit here):


Moving to a New Host

Just a heads up to everyone, I’ll be moving to a new host soon. I will be hosted by the beautiful Shabby. ♥

You might discover my domain disappearing later so I’m posting ahead of time to inform everyone of the move. The move will happen anytime within the week to the end of the month, probably.

I’m not entirely sure how long will it take to completely migrate everything, but I’ll probably take a few days until completion. So please do not remove my links from your site.

Thank you! 🙂


Beyond Eternal 12th Anniversary

Yesterday, it’s Beyond Eternal’s 12th anniversary!

Yeah, it’s been that long since I started this website. At first, this website is where I post my collections of poetry and other things. And then, eventually, it became a collection of fan sites I owned. As I got busy with real life, I turned it back to my main blog and closed down site after site. The only one remaining is my pixel site, where I don’t think I’ll be closing anytime soon, although I kept on disappearing on it.

Anyway, thank you everyone for always dropping by every now and then.

Here’s a little giftie to commemorate this day. It’s for everyone to grab!

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