Prince of Tennis TV Drama

prince_of_tennis_tvOoh! I saw a Prince of Tennis TV Drama just recently. According to DramaWiki, it aired late July last year. I just found that out now, though.

Prince of Tennis is one of my favorite manga/anime (even though I prefer the anime, over the manga). The protagonist of the story, Echizen Ryoma (or in this case, Long Ma), has a little bit of a character like he often compares things in America, where he grew up, etc. But I guess this same thought applies to most people too, like my dad who always go, “In Hongkong… we do this and that…” and “In Taiwan, it’s like this and that…” as well as my old Korean bosses who goes “In Korea….” all day long. Anyway, The storyline of it revolves around this said tennis prodigy and how he develops personality-wise and skill-wise through out. I kinda like storylines like this, despite it’s being a sporty type and all (I kinda don’t like sporty things, soo… ^^;).

I’ve seen the first couple of episodes. It isn’t pretty much exactly like the manga or the anime, like, where did Arai go? And why was it Kaido he met at first? Also, was Oishi that hot? LOL! Still, I’m actually expecting a lot from this series.

Oh, and a few bishie eye candies for everyone~

prince_of_tennis_tv2 prince_of_tennis_tv3 prince_of_tennis_tv4
(Don’t forget to click them for a larger image,
and a hug for me for the screen caps)

First from the left: That’s Fuji, so concerned with his brother~ :3 and with eyes opened too. XD
Second: Fuji and Tezuka (the hotest yaoi pair),  same old, same old.
Third: Oishi (top), who is now 10x hotter than usual;  Kaido (with bandana, duh) and Eiji, but he doesn’t look like MY Eiji! D= Kikumaru beam!

Btw, if in case you’re interested with it as well, you can find the subs at DramaPuri.

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  1. / Replyedtechguide
    very nice and informative site here... i love reading your topic... keep it up and thanks for sharing.. ;)
  2. / ReplyAfef
    Woah - those are mighty cute bishies :D!
  3. / Replyxellex
    cool site! really love to read here! thanks for the info...
  4. / ReplyDane
    Ooh, hold up, hold up! Is it in Chinese?
  5. / ReplyEuri
    Afef, Agree! xellex, You're welcome dear. Dane, Yes. They're in Chinese. It's subbed though.
  6. / Replyriz
    sounds cool sis. :) I never really read manga but since most people here at work is hooked to it, i kinda tried it and baahhhh.. it's great! :P
  7. / Replyashley
    were can i watch the episodes can u tell me plz
  8. / ReplyEuri
    ashley, *points at the link above*
  9. / Replyashley
    wat link
  10. / ReplyEuri
    Hello ashley,
    Btw, if in case you're interested with it as well, you can find the subs at DramaPuri.
    This link. :)
  11. / Replyashley
    i cant watch any episodes. do i have to sing in?
  12. / ReplyEuri
    ashley, Hi! I figured you wanted a video streaming site? Here: Drama Crazy's Prince of Tennis TV I hope that helped! ^^
  13. / Replyashley
    thank alot euri that did work. nd sorry for the trouble:)
    • / ReplyEuri
      ashley, No problem. Glad I could help. =)
  14. / Replymaycel
    i love super duper ..prince of tennis the 1 time that i saw it ....until the end of the story it was so funtastic .. i hope that there is still a continuation of prince of tennis .. super nice the story i love it..

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