Just Now

It was just now
That I started to realize
That it’s been so long
Since I’ve kept this feeling inside.
Only I knew of the happiness I’m feeling,
Whenever I’m with you.
Only I knew of the pain I’m going through,
When she hurt you.
But who am I?
Do I have the right to tell you?
When everything I knew,
I keep inside,
So that no one might knew of what I feel.
Afraid of you regretting me,
Afraid of them finding out that I love you.
But still, ’til now I can’t understand
How you made me laugh when I’m sad.
But I guess I never will find out
Because our path separates now.
And all I can do is to try my best
To forget everything.
But I think I can’t
And I never will be able to.
I just hope someday I might see you again.
But before that day comes,
I want to stop myself from loving you
Because I know you’ll never do.



I’m starting to lose faith, no, I am losing faith in the group I was once so eager to become a part of. I left Taoism and embrace Christianity two years had passed. Now, I think that Taoist are more human than Christians are. Or is it just me… I’m confused.



Lyrics by: Carolina E. Harris
Composed by: Mario Antonio D. Sampang
Performed by: The Identifiers
Copyright 2002

When the world closes down on me
And I’m afraid that they wont see
The dream of being that somebody
Somebody that I want to be

You took me by the hand
And you were the one who understand
And reach your helping hand
All the way

Now the time has come for us to say goodbye
I want to say something from this heart of mine

Cause I… want to thank you for believing in me
for giving your faith and for making me see
Even the time has come
Who knows maybe someday
We will lead the way
Oh! I can’t forget… Graduation Day!

You stood by me, and kept me strong
In my coldest days, you made it warm
The way we shout
The things we always dreamed about

* Repeat Refrain *

* Repeat Chorus (2x) *

… Graduation Day! (4x)

Our graduation song. And no, it doesn’t have the typical sad-type melody. It’s more like a OPM band type melody. The beat was that of the same with Line to Heaven by Introvoys.


Last Memories

Last Memories

Performed by: The Perfect Harmony
Lyrics by: Nhellhiey and Euri
Music Composition by: Gabby
Copyright 2002

When I first walk this long road,
It seems to me it had no meaning.
As if I’m walking forever,
Very lonely and weary.

For an understanding person,
Who gave a life that’s full of meaning,
Through all the sacrifices you’ve made,
You were always on my side.

As my friends you’re always there,
Guiding me though everything,
Helping me to cross those bridges,
Giving me your love and care.

Here comes a new year of tears,
After those years of happiness.
I love to share my last memories,
With you in this last sweet year.

How I wished the time would stop,
Because it’s hard for me to say,
All my last goodbyes to all of you,
Who cheered and gave me faith.

Now before we part our ways,
Let me say this once to you,
Thank you for those sweet memories,
We have shared along the way.

*** Repeat Chorus ***

I know deep inside my heart,
How I wish the wind could tell you this.
I’m sorry for those pains I’ve caused
And hope we’ll be together again.

*** Repeat Chorus Twice ***

I love to share my last memories,
With you in this last sweet year…

This is actually a song but is originally intended as a poem that was never finished until compositions were done. It is also our group’s entry for our school’s annual song competition and won 3rd place. Since we’re seniors, our theme is graduation song.

In the original draft of the lyrics, the following was the 2nd stanza of the first verse:

But on the way I found you
Taking this long road too.
You asked my name and I asked yours,
Since then we’ve been good friends.