Goth transcends time and fashion. There’s never a specific style, and there never will be, because everything falls to one’s individuality.

People who say “too costumey” to a person’s choice of clothing doesn’t understand that it’s not a costume, rather, that person’s individuality. And you have no place to say what should and should not be worn, because there are no rules that says so, to begin with.

Being a Goth is more than dressing up in black clothes, listening to haunting musics and writing dark poetry. So let’s just stop all these “Gothier than thou” attitude. Because to be honest, neither of us is. I am no better than you. And you, no better than me.


GameOPS Reborn!

GameOPS‬ has been reborn! And that phoenix image/logo is really cool, along with GameOPS’s old logos.

So. It’s July 1st and we just relaunched our old website/blog where we geek out about lots of things. (My history with the group is in a previous post.) The newly resurrected website has a fresh and sleek web 2.0-ish looking logo and a responsive layout that is also mobile friendly. We (I didn’t really, not that much) worked really hard for it and for once, seriously planned about it, so you should take a visit of it. We have a lot of new posts to the point of spamming, though we did lose a lot because of the downtime.

So here’s the post from the official Facebook, that I copy and pasted:

GameOPS‬ is officially back from the dead! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be updated on the latest news.

Check out our old sections such as Pirates ‘R Us, Retro Gaming Nights, Fanboy Fight Fest, Nihonsei, and the newly renamed Featured Gamer –GameOPS P.O.I. or ‪#‎GameOPSPersonOfInterest‬. Enjoy new contents from our new Lifestyle section and our funny ‪#‎GamingHugot‬. And don’t forget to tag us for imaginary goodie bags! ‪#‎GameOPSreborn‬

Oh, and I should tell you, our friend JM made this really cool Duterte Ipsum tool. It’s like Lorem Ipsum with Duterte stuff on it. For those who doesn’t know, Duterte is the new president of the Philippines, effective yesterday until 6 years from now.


Change Is Coming!

The Philippines’ first video games website is about to make a comeback. Are you ready for change?

GameOPS: Change

GameOPS. I’ve been a part of this group for a REALLY long time. I’m really happy to know they’re relaunching this site, because it’s fun to discover new and old people who’re still into gaming and other geek things. Yes, gaming, the kind of games that are more than just Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. And geek things like anime, comics, and tech stuff. 🎮 👾

The best of my friends mostly came from this group. We were just a bunch of kids whose lives revolved around gaming, who met at college and/or events, one day. And eventually, some of us ended up working for different local big name gaming industries like Level Up, Mobius Games, eGames, etc. But as life goes on, we get old, and the local gaming scene dies slowly, we eventually moved on to different jobs. Even though life goes on, friendship built through gaming can never go wrong. So, we still stick around each other, meet every once in a while for pizzas, sweets and feed each other geek stuff for the nourishment of everybody, physically, mentally and emotionally. 🤓


Traveler’s Notebook Standard Monthly Printable

I’m a typical basic printer user. By basic I meant, I have totally zero printing skills. To print things, I normally just hit CTRL+P and choose the paper size and print color, and that’s it.

I wanted a monthly planner that’s simple and have a lot of writing space (because I need all those spaces, probably). I’ve found a few online Midori inserts that I would want to print. I tried printing some but ended up failing miserably and wasting ink and paper in the process.
So, to make my life simple, I made my own monthly printable for my standard size Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I will have no other use for them so I thought I would share them with you, in case anyone would want it.

(Click the image above, to download)

If you notice, there’s no “month” on it, because I often move around the month from top right to bottom right and decorate it. 😅


“Justified Killing”

Hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang mga tao, minsan. So, basta walang kinalaman sayo, kebs ka na lang? Ninanakawan na kapitbahay mo, narape yung kakilala mo, tinorture yung nakatira sa kabilang kalsada niyo, kebs lang?

“Justified killing” daw. Define justified killings? Pag sabi ng gobyerno na dapat mamatay ang isang tao, regardless kung inosente siya, kebs lang?

Remember martial law? Those killings, rape, tortures were “justified” according to those in position. Yung ibang tao, for example, nag babasketball lang sa labas ng bahay nila, tapos dinampot na lang bigla, tapos tinorture at binintangan ng kung anu-ano. ‘Justified’ ba yun sayo? Pwede mong sabihin sa akin that this would never happen, but nobody thought that these things would happen when people voted for Marcos before.

I have to admit that sometimes I see humans as just living piles of flesh. But I have never wished for people to be treated this way, the same way that I will never wish for them to happen to any of my family or friends.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. It happened before, and it can always happen again.