Chikage on Bunny Suit


This is a special announcement!

Chii-chan promised me us that she would wear a bunny suit and take a picture of herself wearing it if she wins Hentai Rumble Season 8! The picture will be posted at KH Forums. If she looses, Haruhi will take the picture all to herself. Of course, we all wouldn’t want that, right? Therefore, to prevent Haru-chan from taking Chii-chan all to herself, please vote for Chikage to win again as Ultimate Hentai (for the 3rd time) at Hentai Rumble Season 8!

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  1. / ReplyNadiyah
    Ultimate .. Hentai..? 8o Hentai.. isn't that Japanese pornography?
  2. / ReplyEuri
    No. It means, "Ultimate Pervert", literally.
  3. / Replykaos-chan
    but this is a bad thing, really. So you should not fall into Euri's trap. She gets the pic either way. She must have some devious plan. Vote for Yuki instead.
  4. / ReplyEuri
    No, of course not. I'm an honest person. (Unlike some people there... :P)
  5. / ReplyShelly
    Oh man, this must be one of the most randomest things I've ever seen! 8o But it's not like i have anything else to do so I'll vote for whatever it is to help you out. =P
  6. / ReplySese
    ^^;; Anyway, Euri how the fuck do I get a gravatar for my Haloscan?
  7. / Replykaos-chan
    Give in Euri. We will have your cosplay.
  8. / ReplyMitch
    How come my comment didn't appear? I can't relate to anime talks. :( Sorry. BTW, thanks for the gifts. Just want to know my blog is officially open even though you discovered it earlier. :oops:
  9. / Replyade
    I have no idea what's going on, I don't know who the hell Chikage is, and I don't know how to vote, but I'm seeing the words "hentai" and "bunny suit" so I'm commenting.
  10. / Replycbhl (a.k.a. Yuki)
    Geez... you were campaigning for me back on the 8th, kaos-chan? X( Why~~~? Basically... we're voting each other for some silly contest... uh yeah... and Euri wants lots of people to vote for this "Chikage-san" just 'cuz she apparently got lots of people to vote Chii so she wouldn't win last month. :lmao: I think she wants to keep Chii as the winner... maybe to make fun of her? Hentai has two meanings... one is pervert... the other refers to the animated/drawn pornography... I'm not sure whether those are the same word or not. (Japanese is full of puns from what I'm told.) X-P Just thought I'd stop by... also letting you know that my campaign is getting into gear now. ^_^ ('kay, it's Haru-chan's idea, just so you know... punishment for failing yet another task. I should stop trying. Really. I don't really care about winning HR either way. :lol: :roll:)

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