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Jollibee’s New Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ!

Jollibee has a new burger! THE *drumroll* Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ!

Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ!

I know, I know. It looks super yummy! It cost PHP 129.00 if ala-carte and PHP 165.00 is it’s value meal. It actually taste good, too. But I would still prefer Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt burger. Even the bacon is crispy (well, at least the one I ate)!

The fun part of it is this:


It’s Thor‘s hammer, Mjolnir!

One of the perks living a few steps away from Jollibee is that you get to try their new stuff as soon as you hear about it, and you don’t run out of promotional toys and stuff. It was the same with the Avengers mug I got last year.

This Mjolnir is a promotional toy for the Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World, that’s coming out on October 30th 2013 in theaters. It’s a 1 GB USB flash drive. The good ting about is is that the it’s pretty well made and it doesn’t look like those cheap ass toys you find along the streets. the bad part about it is that it transfer really slow. It’s probably a USB 1.0 or something. But still, you don’t buy it for the USB anyway, you buy it for the toy itself. In this day and age where HDs matter a lot, you wont save much with a 1 GB space, anyway.


SAB Bistro

We ate out today, but not to celebrate for New Year’s. Restaurants will probably be closed by then.

So we ate at SAB Bistro. It’s along Balibago, Angeles City. The place is new and cozy, perfect if you wanted to relax and have a quiet meal.

sab_01 sab_02

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Lipton Thoughts and Teas 2

Last Saturday, we went to the Lipton Thoughts and Teas 2 event held by Lipton Philippines. We had a tea party with other food bloggers at one of my favorite restaurants, Paul Calvin’s Deli in Forbes Heights, Bonifacio Global City.

Chef Rose Bud was our host for the event and she taught us a lot of new recipes of appreciating the greatness of tea. Yes! I’m not a food blogger, but as everyone knows, I’m a super fan of tea.

There were tons of cookies, cupcakes, tarts and stuff in the tea party.

The tea pots were also very cute! I was trying to resist the urge of stealing one of these teapots and take them home. I’m even risking the fact that I could get banned for it.

We had a tea making contest wherein we were ask to make out own tea and have the chef judge on whose combinations were the best and she gets to win a price.

Jepoy and RJ were a riot and made some disgusting looking tea, on which, I was the taste tester. When I tasted their tea, I realized how much it really sucks to have them as friends.

And at the end of the mixing of this and that, I arrived an a lame tasting Honey Apple Tea in a cute blue mug, on which I got to take home after, for the effort of making tea. See? I had a picture with Chef Rosebud before she tasted my lame tea mix. (I stole this blurred picture here).

Bea won the tea she never tasted, but I got to taste that super yummy tea! Now I have gained back my confidence! I thought I would lose my sense of taste when I tasted Jepoy and RJ’s tea. I do not know what she mixed in there. The ingredients were too many to remember.

At the end of the day, I got freebies! An entire box of Lipton tea, a sugar stirrer, almond and vanilla syrups.

Thanks Lipton Philippines to the yummy and fun experience!

PS: You can find the rest of the photos I took of this event in my Lipton Thoughts and Teas set.



We went to Ongpin earlier. We stopped by this restaurant we often go to and had dimsum and tea! Yay!

The usual, Chinese Black Tea. Brewed tea always tastes better than those brought at convenience stores.

Dimsum and Soy Chicken for lunch. 🙂


Baang Cafe & Bar

Nachos and Rose Tea at Baang Cafe & Bar, A. Bonifacio St. 5th Ave., Caloocan City.

We were stranded here on New Year’s night (yes, at Jan 1st) on the way home from our grandmother’s place, when our car broke down. We had to stay over night some place else and return to the gasoline station the next day. Good thing about it is that there’s a Baang Cafe & Bar beside the gasoline station. And the greatest part of it, they have my favorite rose tea. :3 I literally sat there all day waiting, munching Nachos and drinking tea until our car was fixed.

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