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Every year, on this day, I’m reminded of one beautiful person, a great guitarist who changed mine and a lot more other people’s lives with his music.

Every year, on this day, I pay tribute to one of the people who changed how I view the world, humanity, and probably, my general outlook of life.

Every year, on this day, I think of things like, what if hide had lived all this time? I wonder how he would look like now? He would probably have a wife and kids. He’ll probably have concerts everywhere by now, not just Japan. And we would probably like each and every single post he does on social network, too. And he’ll post pictures of how silly he is with his friends.

But, in the end, everything is just wishful thinking. Because 18 years ago, we already lost that beautiful smile.


Invenio Summer Edition


Crysella Records releases Invenio Summer Edition, a new CD compilation of their bands, and they’re giving out 5000 free copies! You’ll only have to pay for the shipping fee! Shipping cost only €5.00. Availability and deliveries will start on April 18th 2014.

Quick link to the event/order page here!
Take a peek at the actual CD cover here!

Copy and paste CD compilation details and list of tracks:

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Happy 40th Birthday Gackt!

Gackt celebrated his 40th birthday last July 4th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GACKT!


And because it’s his birthday, LINE, a popular free call and messaging app, made him a set of stickers called GACKTCH! And because I’m such fan, of course I bought it!


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I was so ecstatic when I was downloading them~


And was spamming my friend, Hana and others with them the entire day~ 😀


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The entire set is so cute! I’m thinking of making icons out of them soon!  (♥_♥)


Ben Folds Five: The Sound of the Life of the Mind

Yesterday, Ade told me about this new album by Ben Folds Five called “The Sound of the Life of the Mind.” He and other music aficionado friends have been raving about how good the new album was. So I was like, “Hey, I like Ben Folds Five! Give me the song!” And YouTube videos followed link after link.

I’ve always liked Ben Folds Five’s songs since college. But I just found out that the vocalist is actually named Ben Folds. I know, I know, you’ll tell me, “WTF?” I only knew band names and didn’t really care about the member’s names because I have a hard time remembering people’s names and faces and they all look the same to me. I even used to think that Ben Folds Five is one of those band names named after random person or something, like Michael Learns to Rock (hey, don’t judge!).

Moving on to the new album, it’s… WOW. I’ve been listening to it since yesterday afternoon, when I got a copy from Ade until today. It’s depressing, it’s painful, it’s heart-breaking. It’s a shot to the heart. Everything is beautiful. (Sorry, I so have a limited vocabulary!)

This is my current favorite album next to The Micro Head 4N’s recently released first album, A Beginning from the End.

My favorite songs from this album are Erase Me and Thank You For Breaking My Heart, with special stars on Thank You For Breaking My Heart. It’s really heavy on the heart – the music and the lyrics (lyrics, below!) And I also like the song Do It Anyway and I almost went screaming with Ben Folds’s piano skills.

Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Yeah, I want a different answer
So I ask you once again
But the truth’s in the silence
And this time I got it
It’s over

Thank you for breaking my heart
Now I know that it’s in there
I left it wide open
And asked you to stay
But you know better

Guess I thought it wouldn’t happen
And I could care until it hurt
Damn the ironic timing
The clouds and their linings
That open up and pour

And thank you for breaking my heart
Now I know that it’s in there
What a fool to imagine
That you’d feel the same
But you know better

Rain has washed the leaves away
Skeletons and stars
I’m pulling the door to
And closing the blinds

So thank you for breaking my heart
Now I know what it feels like
And it hurts so badly
Tell me this will pass
Soon enough know better

(I stole the lyrics from here.)


Gackt Evading Tax Reveals a Kid with an Ex Lover

Gackt seems to be involving himself in too much scandals lately. There was that rumor about Iconiq a few months back, and now, there’s another regarding him having a child with an ex lover.

News spread out (again, in tabloids) that Gackt is evading tax. While under investigation by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, it was revealed that he had a child with a previous lover who now resides in Canada with their child, and is providing them with luxurious monetary needs monthly.

I’m not taking Gackt’s side here or anything, but IF Gackt did evade tax and is under investigation by the Japanese Taxation Bureau, why on Earth is the news all about his supposed child with an ex lover have to be revealed? Although it does have something to with tracking his finances, where and how he spends his money really has nothing to do with people and I think, should be kept in private. Especially his more personal life has nothing to do with him tax evading.

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