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The Classical Age of AMACC AC


Eras. Yes, there is such a word and it is the plural form of “Era”. It is the highest form of organization of time measurement in Chronology. Even though Eras are usually use to depict the spans of years between historical events, I used it to denote the changes in the AMACC AC system for in my understanding, of it’s definition, it serves as that.

The Classical Age

The first time I entered AMACC AC was at her second year of running. It?s funny really, now that I think about it. As you climb up those stairs to the second floor, a dark blue table greets you as if an information area. The place was filled with freshly painted (yes, even the smell!) white walls with 5-inched dark blue paint below. The door for each room is also dark blue and have no knobs on them but has a lock from the inside that seemed like quiet private rooms. And there was a cashier area on the left and a huge glass-windowed room that seemed like a nursery to the right. Your first impression would be, ?A hospital?? As you go on, the guard will lead you to the admissions office to take the entrance exam. Surprisingly as I got myself enrolled, I got a handwritten receipt. (To think that this was a computer school, I was expecting too much.) Aside from it, I also have to wait for about a week or so to get my COR (Certificate of Registration) done on which is also written by the beautiful hands of our loving cashier. A few weeks passed since I enrolled, classes started. I missed my first class because the schedules suddenly changed without people getting informed. This was one annoying fact I hated most and have to deal with ? the unending changing of schedules. Even after a month had passed, they still change schedules that cause students to drop and add subjects again and again with a fee. And students think of it as a form of, ?extra-income? for the school. Taking aside the comfort rooms without locks, there?s always power loss throughout the campus due to some overloading issue caused by opening 20 computers at once in a class.

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Best In Thesis

Best in thesis. Such pride and glory! Only a few were given the chance to be nominated as one. And guess what? We screwed. No matter how many times “you”, yes you, repeat how you were so much disappointed that we were just a milimeter close to the prestigious branding, I don’t care. Do you honestly think that that same disappointment didn’t get to us? It did. Very much indeed. It came like a lightning that stuck us so bad that we wanted to wake up from that nightmare that instant. We broke a lot of hopeful hearts that night. Enough to leave us an unmendable scar of pain and regret. Why? The answer is simple. We lack the time. We couldn’t catch up to the time no matter how far we ran. It seemed it was an endless road we were running to – uncertain of what’s there for us at the end. That night – it was horrifying. We didn’t know what else to do. How we wished everything would just – stop.

Everything went hell after and worst came that moment we heard we were supposed to be nominated for the “Best in Thesis” title and the oppoortunity just slipped by like a wind blowing to one’s face. We were left only with the option to be just as cold and just like a natural anestisia to a woman giving birth, our natural we-don’t-care attitude followed through. Well, actually, there was one person in the group who, after all that shit, actually “still” does and she really feels so much disappointment. Yeah, the kind that bests everyone’s. She cried so much as to almost drain her deep dark eyes with tears. The silence of the room sounds almost deafening as her tears just flows endlessly. She raised her head and looked at us straight in her water eyes as her trembling voice softly told us, “Sabi ko na sa inyo eh.” We knew, everything was our fault. And those words were the wick that slapped us to reality. And because of this, it affected our greatest pessimist of the group that resulted him to be sobbing his months away after defense. Sorrowfully feeling incedibly trashed out. The feeling of worthlesness haunted him each night to even think that he was never worth anything more than a “pabigat” to us. And also, insanely claims that he was the “sole” reason we failed. And what do I have left to say?

Putang ina.

How dare you laugh at us as if you were some higher being and we were merely peasants serving your land. Don’t laugh at us like that when we gambled everything just for the sake of that stupid 3 flat grade. I want you to remember this, and remember it well enough to inject it to your system.

An empty vessel makes the loudest noise.


OJT Despidida

Today is my last day at Central Luzon 2 Regional Business Center (CEL 2 RBC) of Philippine National Bank (PNB). I spent my 120+ hours there for OJT and I learn a lot. Some of the things I’ve learned there are: how to operate Xerox machines, how to operate fax machines, how to use a typewriter etc.

And a few pics..

Central Luzon 2 Regional Business Center

Ms. Est is the Vice pres and the Regional Business Manager of CEL 2 RBC. Ms. Leng is the Reserve Business Manager. Ms. Agnes is the Field Operations, Ms. Cecile is the assistant (I forgot her title) and Mr. Rudy is the janitor.

I was kinda assigned in the office of the vice president so everyone there is kind of “high ranking”. They always treat me snacks. Sometimes, even lunch and breakfast. Working there is fun and I could even apply there if I like. But banking stuffs aren’t my passion. I would still prefer the web designing one if I would be given a chance to. During my stay, I’ve seen almost 15 of the Business Managers around PNB. They always hold meetings and stuffs there. 😉 And they also treat me! 😆

I brought cakes for them as a despedida and I’m gonna miss everyone.


MedRec Teaser

I just noticed this past few days, a lot had been asking me on when I would post Part 2 of MedRec: Behind the Scenes. Actually, the part 2 was already written. I just don’t want to post it for crazy reasons like I wanted to tease people who read it. 😆 Pa-suspense ba. Pero sa totoo lang, sa part 2 kasi, sigurado, may matatamaan. Ika nga ng mga matatatandang tulad ko, “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, pangit wag magagalit.”

I had and still having both good and bad comments about my post, MedRec: Behind the Scenes Part 1. Honestly, I really don’t care who ever reads my blog. I really don’t care if everyone in the campus reads my blog. This is me, this is my life – welcome to reality. I’m not a god to command you to love me or like me in return for a mutual prize. If you don’t like me, instead of wasting time to curse me, just leave. And I don’t expect everyone to love me, anyway. I’m both pathetic and an apathetic. Besides, nakikibasa ka lang noh!

Oh, btw, have I told you people that dean Durias actually reads this blog? (Scarree…) 😆 Well, I always had the chance to ask her for her opinion but I never did. It’s not because she’s scary or anything I’m just shy. Hoy, may hiya pa naman ako sa katawan ko kahit papano. 😆