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Empress of China

Empress of China

I’ve been wanting to watch this series since its first debut. I just didn’t have the time to do so until my holiday vacation came. I had the entire half of December of last year for vacation, and I spent it all on watching TV series I’ve been wanting to watch. Empress of China is the first one I’ve seen when my vacation started.

The Empress of China is a Chinese TV series based on the life of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor or empress regnant in the entire history of China. She ruled in the year 684 to 705, which interrupted the Tang Dynasty in the middle. Nobody knows why she insisted on becoming an “emperor” at her late age and why she left a blank tablet (also known as “Wordless Stele”) when she died. Wu Zetian’s greatest achievements are probably her political and military achievements in the expansion of China and extending the court to allow the lower classes to be a part of it instead of it being exclusively only headed by nobles.

I think, she wanted to became an “emperor” herself, just because she wanted to prove that despite being a woman, she can rule the empire as effectively as any man in the same position. In her entire reign from empress consort to empress regnant herself, when you look at things objectively, she ruled better than some male emperors did. However, since in ancient China, women are considered as inferior to men, she was looked down upon and insulted her entire reign.

I love historical dramas, and Empress of China is probably one of the best historical dramas I’ve seen. I like everything in this series from the characters down to the plot. I especially love how detailed the setting and costumes are — they show how extravagant the imperial court was during the Tang Dynasty. The only thing about this series that I didn’t quite like is how the timeline suddenly jumps at weird paces, especially around the last few episodes. There are times when I get lost with scenes and details. Though I’m not entirely sure if it has something to do with my copy being that it’s the censored version. There are two versions of this TV series, the original one and the edited part where there are scenes that were taken out due to censorship in China. Other than that, I have no other complains.


I Am Legend

So, last night, I’ve finally finished watching I Am Legend. It’s a Korean TV series that stars Kim Jung Eun. It ran in 16 episodes. But what I love the most out of it is that it’s not the too mushy type love story of a TV drama like the Winter Sonata. Another thing I love about it that Kim Jung Eun here is a part of a rock band. Stories around rock bands has this special appeal on me. This also proves that point of why I’ve actually have an unconditional love for Kaikan Phrase, less the smut. This is one of the few Korean TV series that I’ve watched. I’m more fond of Japanese and Taiwanese TV series because I really have a hard time remembering Korean names so I usually end up giving the characters nicknames instead. Like in this case, I call the husband, “idiot husband” and call the other guy “kuya pogi,” which translates to, “handsome older brother”.

I Am Legend is about a woman named Jun Seol Hee who married into a rich and prestigious family. But 5 years after her marriage, she grew tired of living her life like a lie. She wasn’t happy with being emotionally bullied by her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. And her husband being such an idiotic bastard, who instead of taking her side, insults her even more. To make things even more worse, his husband doesn’t sleep with her, but stays at his officetel instead. Her only consolation left of her, was her all girl rock band that she’s been together with since high school. Finally, one day, she woke up to the truth and decided that she would divorce her husband, of course with the help of a reality slap of a major event in her life. But since his husband is such a celebrity, to save his and his family’s face, he refused divorcing her until they reached to court. While on the process of divorcing her husband, Seol Hee was trying hard to forget about bad memories and reorganize her life the way she wanted to together with her band and their dream of becoming professional musicians.


Prince of Tennis TV Drama

prince_of_tennis_tvOoh! I saw a Prince of Tennis TV Drama just recently. According to DramaWiki, it aired late July last year. I just found that out now, though.

Prince of Tennis is one of my favorite manga/anime (even though I prefer the anime, over the manga). The protagonist of the story, Echizen Ryoma (or in this case, Long Ma), has a little bit of a character like he often compares things in America, where he grew up, etc. But I guess this same thought applies to most people too, like my dad who always go, “In Hongkong… we do this and that…” and “In Taiwan, it’s like this and that…” as well as my old Korean bosses who goes “In Korea….” all day long. Anyway, The storyline of it revolves around this said tennis prodigy and how he develops personality-wise and skill-wise through out. I kinda like storylines like this, despite it’s being a sporty type and all (I kinda don’t like sporty things, soo… ^^;).

I’ve seen the first couple of episodes. It isn’t pretty much exactly like the manga or the anime, like, where did Arai go? And why was it Kaido he met at first? Also, was Oishi that hot? LOL! Still, I’m actually expecting a lot from this series.

Oh, and a few bishie eye candies for everyone~

prince_of_tennis_tv2 prince_of_tennis_tv3 prince_of_tennis_tv4
(Don’t forget to click them for a larger image,
and a hug for me for the screen caps)

First from the left: That’s Fuji, so concerned with his brother~ :3 and with eyes opened too. XD
Second: Fuji and Tezuka (the hotest yaoi pair),  same old, same old.
Third: Oishi (top), who is now 10x hotter than usual;  Kaido (with bandana, duh) and Eiji, but he doesn’t look like MY Eiji! D= Kikumaru beam!

Btw, if in case you’re interested with it as well, you can find the subs at DramaPuri.


Hot Shot

There’s this new TV series being aired at CTV called ??? or Hot Shot. Well, like most of the TV drama/series nowadays, it’s also one of those manga-turned-TV-series kind. The original manga which was also entitled “Hot Shot” is a shonen drama sports who’s mangaka is Oono Junji. I actually am not very much fond of shonen manga so I’ll be honest that this is the first time I’m hearing the mangaka’s name. XD That aside, from the first 3 episodes of ???, I could probably say that it’s pretty interesting. Then again, I think it would be quite a talk later on since Show Lou (TV Host) is co-starring with Jerry Yan (F4/JVKV) and also, Wu Chun (Fahrenheit) is there (although Wu Chun seems to be the antagonist this time, or a devil’s advocate – who knows). I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far (care of CrunchyRoll) and I would give a 7/10 for the comedy and over all acting. I didn’t give that high of a remark since it made me feel like watching the anime of Slam Dunk all over again, of which anime I’ve seen for about more than 10 times already (I’m being serious, I love that anime ever since I was in elementary), with the Sakuragi-Rukawa comedic rivalry in Show Lou and Jerry Yan’s characters, respectively. Also, I do think that the over acting is a part of it since most manga are like that too in the form of chibi or super deformed characters and removing them would make the shonen comedy sports genre a whole lot boring than they already are. XD

And lastly, Jerry Yan better be boosting his acting skills here to at least convince me enough to watch his next series since I’ll be expecting him to act out my Tsuruga Ren-sama’s role later on in a TV drama adaption of Skip Beat. I don’t want to see another sad (but bearable) rendition of one of my favorite mangas again. Seeing Vic Zhou acting out Rei in the TV drama version of MARS made me lose interest in editing manga for months. And even now, I still think that he didn’t grasp the character well enough. Especially his warped up side which I love most, above all. And I don’t want this to happen again, since I currently have quite a bit of shoujo projects waiting for me to be edited with love and that Ren-sama is just too hot to pass.


The Legend

thelegend.jpg Last Friday night, I just finished watching 太王四神記 (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) or better known as The Legend, which roughly translates to “The First King’s Four God Seals” (as far as I remember my Chinese correctly). It’s English title is The Legend. It’s a Korean TV series that was aired sometime in September last year, I think? I also saw this one on a Chinese channel before too and my dad was watching it and he even said it’s good.

Anyway, I’ve been watching it for two weeks after I saw the DVD at home three weeks ago and it ignited my interest. I’m a sucker for these type of mythical stories that involve wars and such with the martial arts and everything, so I took the bait of watching it. And my verdict? It’s just plain crap.

Taking out the fact of the beautiful graphics, and that Lee Ji Ah in that series is so freaking cute that makes me want to hug her, and of course, Lee Philip is extra hottie for that long hair and that silent yet I-rock-at-fighting type attitude (especially on horseback) that would make you drool over and want to strip him naked and tie him up a pole or something, but in general, taking note of the story line and all, it’s just as plain as a movie who doesn’t have much of a plot. When it came to a few episodes before ending, the plot was rising and I went like, “Here it is, here it is! The climax that I’ve been waiting!” and after that, I fell down the bed where I was sitting. It’s as if they drag out the plot from the story line to portray a feeling of pity to the character, but it was in futile attempt and it seemed pathetic. I’ve seen tons of mythical war stories and among them this is the crappiest by far. I even prefer HanaKimi (oh, I love that manga, especially Umeda Hokuto) the Taiwan version more, though it’s also crappy and OA at some point, over this series. And the ending is so freaking plain that being reminded of it, just makes me wanna cry in despair that I even spent my precious freaking sleepless hours just to watch it!

That said, I’m regretfully screaming, give me back my time, damn it!