Sana Maulit Muli

Note: This is not a rant nor it is a review. I just wanna comment about it.

Last night, I was waiting for “some people” to finished watching TV so that I may continue watching my ever so waited Bleach episode. I noticed this certain drama series called Sana Maulit Muli. Frankly, I don’t watch the series but since I happened to saw yesterday’s episode, I promised myself to blog about it today.

There was this girl called Jasmine who ran across the streets and was caught in an accident. She was hit by a bus head-on, vomited an amount of blood, and there was blood all over her head. After the hit, it took her approximately 5 seconds to turn around and stare at the bus that hit her and then finally collapsed. Do people who get hit normally do that? O.o I could only wonder. Anyway, as soon as she collapsed, it took her boyfriend for about a minute to run to her, where in fact, he was there all along and saw the entire bumping scene before his eyes. He’s excused though, it might have been a shock to him so his brain couldn’t respond as quick. He then spent a few more minutes (approximately about 3 minutes) of shaking her and asking her of how is she. Of course she’s in pain, and that’s given, even though she doesn’t look like in pain to me. It also took him for about 5 minutes to cry and tell her that she’s going to be okay. When you think about the situation where you were bumped by a bus, you wont be okay. After that, she spoke. She told him a lot of things like how she loves him despite that there are a lot of people going against them and also the “poknat” thing. I didn’t get that poknat part so don’t ask me. He even asked her to repeat “I love you” for how many times was that, again? To sum it all up, it took them for about 10 minutes to finish that dying mushy conversation. And to sum it all up, it took approximately 20 minutes for that entire scene to happen. And again, when you were actually hit by a bus, not to mention hitting you head-on, would you even have the chance to last as far as 10 minutes?

Then again, since “angels” (the janitor) exist in that series, maybe the dying time was prolonged? O.o