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Morong, Bataan

We went to Morong, Bataan, last Friday, for our long overdue company outing. We stayed in a beautiful resort called Bataan White Corals. (More of my photos can be found here.)

When we arrived, we were awed by how the beautiful the beach is, and how the water is very clear. Like every company outings, there was a program planned and we played an extremely tiring game with the rest of the company people. And after that, we’re left to do whatever we want.

The point of going to the beach is to be able to actually swim and play in the beach. So later that day, we went back to the beach to play. But as we approach the beach, we were appalled by the amount of trash floating on the beach. The water was indeed very clear, and because it’s very clear, we can also see the pile of scattered plastic bags, plastic cups, and tetra packs of juices, among other things. As we walk further down the beach, hoping to find a better place with less trash, we found a used condom, a used diaper, a glass bottle, and more plastic bags scattered in the sands and water. We were terribly dismayed and just decided to swim in the pool.

More than being dismayed, I was sad. I despair that people don’t give enough care for our environment. People go to these places to appreciate the beauty of it, to relax and have fun. But vacationing, relaxing and having fun does not include you leaving all your garbage behind. Will it kill your fun if you properly throw your goddamn garbage properly in the trash bins after yourselves? No. Will it kill you to walk a few steps to go to the trash bins to throw your garbage instead of throwing them in the water? Definitely, no.

I hope someone or some group would start telling on people to keep the beach clean. The Philippines is a beautiful country, full of beautiful places to visit – beautiful beaches, lush forests, etc. I think we should start learning to take care of our own environment. I hope people would learn to discipline themselves without having the need to force them to do so.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Because if one changes himself, he could change the world.


New Work

This is my second week at my new company. I haven’t really even started working for real yet, but somehow, I’m already getting depressed about several things. In general though, everything’s cool and fun. I love the people. My team especially. There are just some little things that makes me depressed. Perhaps I just needed to adjust a bit more. That and I needed a little more peace of mind and some kind of spiritual mojo to get the vibe right.

Work will probably start soon, too, when our boss gets back from his vacation. I can’t wait to start my actual work. I hope I could manage to live up to people’s expectations of me, work-wise. It’s a department I felt I wasn’t able to meet, or at least I thought so, in my previous job.



I resigned from work today. It’s not something that came on a whim. I’ve seriously thought about it for days. I thought about it even before I went to have an exam and interview for the new company I’ve applied for. It was a decision that’s really hard for me to make.

I considered a lot of things. For one, all my friends are in the Metro and this would leave me having totally no friends to hang out with at all. Although, I thought that I could do with this set up since I don’t particularly hang out with them always. Secondly, Pampanga has this slow-paced laid back atmosphere that it makes for a really cozy place to live. And this coziness is what makes me afraid that I might get too comfortable that I would just drift around and lazy up on things.

On the bright side of it though, I get to be with my family and I’ll be able to make ends meet financially, somehow, if I moved back. And I’ve been wanting “change” in a really spontaneous way. So I guess this is it.

So in the end, I decided to moved back. And I’m seriously being hopeful with this decision.



Last Friday was my last day at DME. For years, I’ve been keeping it a secret where I exactly work. Though I’ve been saying that I’m working for a gaming company, I seldom name it. Just so that I do not get customer support related issues from people.

I took a few shots just when I was about to leave, and took pictures with friends I often hang out with. I did not feel like crying, but I was sad.

dme dme2

Working in DME was the best and funnest experience I had so far. The people are fun, the work itself is fun (despite the super toxic jobs at times) and at the same time, you learn a lot.

I’ll miss these people and a bunch of them that I failed to take pictures (Berwin’s fault, for giving me a lot of work that I totally forgot to take pictures when they’re still around the office)…

dme3 dme4

And the McDonald’s across the street where I ate its food every single day for 3 whole years!



The Former UED Tribute

I was sorting out and backing up files to free some space in my hard drive and I happen upon this The Simpsons-style art drawn by Reynan Parico, or Kuya Rey or simply Kureiii to all of us. Each of us were turned into cartoons and what’s interesting about it, is that our cartoon versions looks exactly like us, IRL.

First row, from left to right: Kelvin Baluyot, Sherwin Malit, Pongstr Ordillo, Isook “Michelle” Noh, Jhon Bonifacio, Reynan Parico
Second row: Gerry Dizon, Benz Carreon, Me, Jay Limpin, Rixie Liwag, Edson Nuqui

Originally, I was a part of the Site Design team, of which Kuya Rey was the head, before I transferred to Product Development where I shifted from the usual web dev stuff with a little bit of UI and graphic designing to plainly PHP programming.

We were formerly known as’s UED Team, or to complete it’s name, the User Experience and Design Division. Our division’s name sounds cool, doesn’t it? It has to sound cool, since it’s been changed like, what? More than three times since the time I got hired. And I’ll have you know that all the name changing was done within a span of a few months. And by few months, I really mean 2-3 months. XD

Our division was a part of a huge department called the Research and Development Department in which was composed of everything related to the development of the site – from UI, graphic designs, programming, down to system administrations and quality assurance. It was a pretty huge department composed mostly of half the company population, I think. Within our division, there are two teams – the site design team, on which I’m a part of, is in charge of the site’s over all look and such, and the Promos and Events team. Sometimes, we help the other team out. Especially when they’re press on deadlines. The Promos and Events team are super busy and never runs out of work.

I’ve grown (not physically) a lot from working there, and it was a lot of fun. There are different types of LOL and WTF moments, every now and then, but I wouldn’t throw it all out the window.

PS: I kinda miss ’em guys! =)