Beyond Eternal 13th Anniversary

It’s been a great long 13 years since I started this website. I’ve struggled a lot with this website throughout those long years. It begun as a simple personal website with my blog and poetry and whatnot, that I uploaded at Geocities. It then became a portal of my several fan sites and blog, until it became what you see now today.

I’ve met a lot of people through this blog. And these people come and go. But there are also a lot of friends I’ve met through this blog that I’m still keeping in touch with. Some of them are really close friends that I go hang out with every once or twice a month, even when I now live so far away.

So for this year, I’m plugging the friends I met through this blog from years ago that I’m still in touch right now. Please visit their websites/ blogs when you have time~

Plugs: Ade, Bea, Sese, Nickle, Karen, the GameOPS team, RochelleShabbyNagi, Nelson, Ravencroft, Roselyn, AjaXian, Lacaille, Jeniffer~

Before I forget, here’s the annual anniversary giftie for everyone to grab:

You know the drill — click to save, and link back.

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  1. / ReplyShabby
    Wow, such a privilege to be included, Euri. :) I think it's thanks to yaoi that we got to meet? :D
    • / ReplyEuri
      Yes! Yaoi. And also your band! :D
  2. / ReplyXian
    Happy 13th Anniversary!!! Wow! You've maintained this blog that long~ I envy you! Cheers and keep blogging! :D Heehee~
    • / ReplyEuri
      IKR! I rarely blog these days because I'm too busy with work (and manga, and games :P), but I managed, somehow... XD
  3. / ReplyNelson
    Mine turned nine this year! Hopefully it'll last as long as it can, too! And thanks for the plug, Euri!
    • / ReplyEuri
      Ah~ We're such old bloggers~ XD
  4. / ReplyKya (@up)
    Congratulations on 13 years, that is so awesome. :) Hope you also have a great 2017!

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